Game of Thrones Dragon Skulls Wash Ashore

News David Crow
7/16/2013 at 3:00PM
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Game of Thrones is coming to UK VOD service Blinkbox, and so are the dragons whose remains have seemingly washed ashore a historic British beach.

In some of the cleverest television marketing that I’ve ever seen, UK streaming and VOD service Blinkbox has thrown British Game of Thrones viewers a bone.
“Found” on the beaches of Charmouth, the “Jurassic Coast” in Dorset known for skeletal remains, a 40-foot skull greeted bathers this morning. Likely from the time of Ageon the Conqueror, the skull is actually the product of a three-man crew who spent two months sculpting the piece, according to Blinkbox promotion.

There is viral marketing and then there is viral marketing. This is the coolest looking bit of HBO advertising yet, and it wasn’t even from the premium cable giant. Blinkbox is celebrating (and raising awareness) to the fact that British viewers can now legally watch Season 3 of the popular show, which debuted for the service on July 15.
Aye, it just makes us wish Season 4 was around the corner, so that the dragons can get ever so closer to King’s Landing.
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