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1/9/2009 at 2:22AM
Classic Doctor Who

Want to know what classic Doctor Who stories are heading to DVD this year? Then you're in the right place...

Classic Doctor Who DVDs still don’t come out at quite the rate we’d like, as we could happily sit through one of them a week if it were even remotely feasible to make them that quickly. But at least they’re coming through regularly enough to make the wait between them around a month at the most.

And now, Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the treats that we’ve got in store for the year ahead. The year for classic Who kicks off on 26 January 2009 with the E Space trilogy, that Cameron has already reviewed for us here. But here’s the rest of the announced roster…

23 February
The Rescue/The Romans (William Hartnell)

16 March
Attack of the Cybermen (Colin Baker)

Delta and the Bannermen (Sylvester McCoy)

Image Of The Fendahl (Tom Baker)

The Deadly Assassin (Tom Baker)

Dalek war boxset: Frontier In Space/Planet Of The Daleks (Jon Pertwee)

The War Games (Patrick Troughton)

Of those, the interesting release is that Daleks set, which is set to include a re-colourised version of episode three of Planet Of The Daleks. The story was originally broadcast in colour, but only a black and white recording is in the archive. The same boxset also features Roger Delgado’s last turn as The Master.

The other highlights? Early Who releases are always great to see, so it’ll be good to meet up with Patrick Troughton’s last story again, while The Deadly Assassin is a strong release for the schedules too. And heck, what about Sylvester McCoy co-starring with Ken Dodd in a story set on a holiday camp? Ahem…

When we get firmer release dates, we’ll pass them on.

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9 January 2009


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