Continuum, Season 1, Episode 7: The Politics of Time, Review

Review Jen Johnson
2/27/2013 at 1:59PM

Continuum continues with the whole time travel thing, but throws in some nudity, infidelity, even a shower fight scene . . .

Even though the title is “The Politics of Time,” this episode is not about passing the government budget before the deadline. It is, however, about a good old political scandal. Who doesn't love one of those?

It turns out that Carlos' social life has been a little more hot and heavy than we thought. He's been dating a pretty blonde reporter, Alicia, who is covering a politician's campaign. Carlos picks her up after she gets in a fight with said politician, spends the night at her place and the next morning is found dead. Which does not look good, for either Carlos or politician Jim Martin, who says that Alicia was threatening to publish some dirt about his campaign. Carlos is understandably upset, not only because Alicia was his lover, but because he knew her for years, since the time both of their families left Colombia. He doesn't want to believe that Jim Martin, his friend, is responsible, so he and Kiera go after Nelson Barnes, head of the biggest union in Canada. Needless to say, when Carlos presses him and gets a little too aggressive, the confrontation does not go well and Kiera realizes that Carlos had some involvement with Alicia.

Alec, in the meantime, keeps working on Kiera's suit and manages to supercharge it (by accident, by dropping something into the solution it's in...Alec is smart, but sometimes he just gets lucky!). He's able to get Kiera a high resolution image of the person who drove Alicia home. Of course, it's Carlos and you can see Kiera deflate with disappointment.

When Kiera finds out that Carlos went to Jim Martin's house to pick up Alicia though, she blows a gasket. In her angry confrontation with Carlos, she's understandably annoyed that he trusts his "friend." In a flash forward at the beginning of the show, Kiera's husband's best friend makes a pass at her in the ladies room of a fancy restaurant, so she's a little reluctant to believe in the whole he's-a-good-friend-and-upstanding-guy story. But Carlos begs her to keep things on the down low and she agrees, going off to ask Martin a few questions of her own. Alec, watching the whole thing, doesn't trust Jim or his wife Heather, who's cold and off putting. What are the chances she's the killer? Pretty high, I would say at this point. Whenever there's any killing in the show, it seems that Liber8 would be the first suspects, but...well, not so sure about that yet. I'm sure they're involved somewhere if this is about a high-profile election. 

Kiera's blowup with Carlos is nothing compared to how the chief of police reacts when Carlos finally fesses up and tells his boss that he had sex with the murder victim the night she was killed. He's immediately badge, no gun. Jim Martin publicly defends him, but it doesn't take long for Kiera to discover that a woman killed Alicia. With some help from Alec, Kiera is able to turn back time for a bit (using technobabble like "raw data feeds" and "tap into my CMR" and other phrases between her and Alec that I just can't keep up with). At the exact same time she tracks down the killer, an unknown female attacks Carlos in the shower at his own apartment. When she tries to taser and then suffocate him, he fights her off and she escapes, but not before he cuts her with a piece of glass from the shower door. You would think this would make it easy to find out who the murderess is...just have them roll up a sleeve, but neither Heather nor Sarah, the maid, has an injury. Sarah, however, has secretly given a whopping ten million dollars toward Martin's campaign. Who provided the money?  Yep, Liber8. I knew we wouldn't be able to get through an episode without them.   

So, Martin wins the election and is one step closer to becoming mayor.  At the very end, he and his wife are meeting up with Garza (sporting the arm injury) and Kagame, who is interested in discussing the future. Yikes.


Final review:  

I have a secret little nerd crush on Alec. Yes, Carlos is hot. Yes, there is a scene during his attack where he is running around his apartment naked, but there's something about Alec's genius that so super cute I just want to eat him up.  Some of the funniest moments of this episode involve him speculating about what went on right before the murder. ("You think there was a three way?" he asks Kiera.)  It's a little sad to find out that Kiera's close friend Ricki (the same one whose husband hit on Kiera) had a fling with Kiera's husband Greg. No wonder Kiera can't trust anyone. It's hard enough being a City Protective Services officer; dealing with a cheating partner on top of that, especially when she could have tracked his whereabouts with all her technology but chose not to, can't be easy. The characters in 2012 are proving to be even more shady to varying degrees, but...doesn't Kiera have some secrets of her own? Like, SHE’S FROM THE FUTURE? Her friendship with Carlos is getting deeper, but I'd really like to see her explain that one away. Carlos narrowly escaped losing his entire career covering up for his girlfriend; now that we know about Kiera's difficulties within her own marriage, I'm wondering if and when she and Carlos are going to cross the line themselves.