Bitten: Watch Two Clips From the Season Finale

Trailer Amelia Benton
4/1/2014 at 3:44PM
Bitten on SyFy

We're less than one week away from the Bitten season finale. Watch two clips from it right here!

With only one episode left to in Bitten's first season, we still don't know the fate of this, one of Space and Syfy's latest shared supernatural series. Even those involved in the show aren't sure of whats going to happen after next week's undoubtedly epic season finale.

There is one thing that I'm certain of, though: The season finale of Bitten is going to be amazing! The Mutts are going to storm Stonehaven, but will it just be the few we've seen? Or are their others that will come out of hiding? With Clay and Logan in less than great shape, the Pack is in a very precarious place. One thing's for sure; Elena is going to bring it come Mutt-whoopin' time!

The Pack is as prepared as possible for the upcoming war, but are you ready?

The Bitten season finale airs in Canada on Space on April 5th, and the US on Syfy on April 7th.

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