Better Call Saul Season 2: Episode Guide, Features, and More

Better Call Saul season 2 is here. We have everything you need to know about Jimmy McGill...

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Better Call Saul was renewed for a second season before season one even aired. And now it’s time for Slippin’ Jimmy to fall back into our lives.

When we last left Jimmy McGill he was fighting a losing battle to go legit. With good intentions but a slippery (hence the nickname) past, Jimmy couldn’t catch a break, let alone a case, as he struggled to transition from charismatic con man to serious public defender, like his older brother Chuck. While his efforts were noble, Jimmy ended season one looking back in the rearview.

After a devastating betrayl from Chuck, Jimmy found more success slipping back into his old ways, on the road to his new life as the infamous Saul Goodman. If season 1 was about resisting the urge to do wrong, then Better Call Saul Season 2 looks to be all about reveling in that urge, with battle lines between brothers drawn and new and familiar friends alike waiting in the wings to get in on the action.

Better Call Saul Season 2 Review

Here's an excerpt from our spoiler-free review of the first two episodes...

If this whole TV thing doesn’t work out, Better Call Saul showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have a second career cut out for them as actual con artists. For even when the plot of Better Call Saul isn’t firing on all cylinders (as was the case for part of season one and a couple of points through the first two episodes of season two), the cons they’ve concocted for their main characters enacted are undeniably effective and just wonderful.

Read the rest here.

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode Guide

We'll turn these titles blue with links to full reviews as they become available...

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1: Switch

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 2: Cobbler

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 3: Amarillo

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 4: Gloves Off

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 5: Rebecca 

Better Call Saul Features: 

We went deeper into "Gloves Off" with Michael Mando (Nacho) in our BCS post-mortem interview.

Mando also chatted with us at length about Better Call Saul season 2 on the latest episode of our TV IV Podcast. Listen here: 

We looked back at all the Breaking Bad and pop culture references from Better Call Saul season 1.

Here's why Better Call Saul was a masterclass in improvisation during season 1.

What's in a show's episode titles? We appreciate the nods behind the titles of Better Cal Saul's first season episodes. 

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