Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2: New Big Bad Confirmed, Premiere Date, Trailers & More

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8/4/2016 at 2:52PM

Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 will return in October, and it is bringing with it a new big bad demon named Baal.

Welcome to your one stop location for everything you need to know about Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 on Starz. We hope you survive the experience. We'll update this with all the information you need as it becomes available. But until then do as Bruce Campbell says and stay groovy.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Premiere Date

Mark your calendars. Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premieres on Oct. 2. Starz confirmed the news this afternoon!

Latest News

While we are still two months away from the return of Ash vs Evil Dead, Starz has announced in the dog days of August what kind of demonic forces Bruce Campbell's groovy chin will be facing. Yep, it's time to grab life by the Baal, at least according to the latest press release.

As played by Sons of Anarchy's Joel Tobek, Baal will be raising all sorts of hell in season 2.

Reads a Starz statement, "When Baal is released from the underworld, our team will face an enemy more powerful than any that have come before. One with bigger plans than just destroying Ash as well as a secret link to Ruby (Lucy Lawless)."


We did not expect the second (and first full) Ash vs Evil Dead trailer until last month's San Diego Comic-Con panel for the groovy series. And apparently, Starz thought much the same way until it was decided that the below trailer is "too gory" for an all-age audiences SDCC panel. But that bummer was our gain since we got the nifty carnage that is every bit as boomstick-happy as you might hope a week early!

Hail to the King, baby. The Uncensored King.


Also here is the first teaser in case you missed it!

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Premiere Review

An excerpt from our review:

Between that and more scenes of Ash stumbling through his tortured homecoming, season 2 has every opportunity to build and even surpass the first season. This half-hour, though, was mostly for the fans to revel in the carnage. While I was hoping for a little more of the stuff hinted at in the margins, who am I to begrudge such ferocious frivolities?

You can read the full review here.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Cast

Ted Raimi and Lee Majors are going to be part of the cast for Ash vs Evil Dead season 2? Wow, some wishes really do come true.

Indeed, when I spoke with Lucy Lawless about the then impending release of Ash vs Evil Dead last year, the actress said the one definite wish she and Bruce Campbell had for a second season of the series was to get Ted Raimi down to New Zealand for some Deadite torture. And now that, plus the Six Million Dollar Man joining the cast, appears to be in the cards!

Starz announced as much Wednesday when the premium cable network revealed Majors and Raimi would be appearing in the 2016 vintage of Bruce Campbell vs. the new Army of Darkness. Majors, who is a television icon in everything from the aforementioned Six Million Dollar Man to The Fall Guy and Raven, will be playing Brock Williams, Ashley Williams’ father. We are just going to presume they’re estranged, especially what with Ash taking an axe to his possessed sister in the original The Evil Dead film and all.

Ted Raimi, meanwhile, is the brother of Sam Raimi (the director of the original three Evil Dead films and an Ash vs. Evil Dead executive producer). He has also appeared in small, unrelated roles in all three of those films, as well as in Spider-Man and alongside Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. Raimi has been cast in the role of Chet Kaminski, the childhood best friend of Ash Williams. Somehow, we suspect Ash pissed him off too at some point…

Still, Ash will need all the help he can get next season. For those who do not recall, the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead ended with Bruce Campbell’s big chinned and dimwitted anti-hero driving off to Jacksonville along with his plucky sidekicks Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo). But this is hardly a pleasant day trip since Ash sold out existence to the evil Book of the Dead, now held by Lawless’ supernatural Ruby.

Season 2 Story

Our friends at IGN visited the set of Ash vs Evil Dead season 2, and they've come back with some curious intel. On the first count, it is unsurprisingly bigger than season 1, with producer Rob Tapert promising a broader canvas and cast, undoubtedly to be possessed by evil spirits in the latter case. However, there were some interesting details also revealed about the plot, both in terms of the arc for Bruce Campbell's lovable moron, Ash Williams, as well as where the villainous Ruby Knowby (Lucy Lawless) is headed next.

For Ash, season 2 will mean realizing that the road to Jacksonville is not paved in gold, and after getting to his paradise he'll have to realize it's time to head home to Michigan and face his greatest fear of all... a father played by Lee Majors!

"Season 2 for me is all about Ash going home and seeing the personal side of him," Bruce Campbell said. "No one knew anything about Ash, where he lived, what he was like. Ash was like a teacher: you'd see him at school, but if you saw him out of school you'd feel weird... But now we're going home. We're following the teacher home from school."

Meanwhile, it sounds like Ruby will move from enemy to frenemy in season 2, as she apparently has second thoughts about summoning an End of Days Apocalypse via the Book of the Dead.

Says Lawless, "Ruby is, really, the root of all their problems, but she's completely dismissed that. She is in complete denial that she is the whole problem. She's just your friendly neighborhood psychopath, and they have to work with her, try to put her demon spawn back in the box."

And you're relying on Ash to do it? Good luck with that.