Arrow, Season 1, Episode 4: An Innocent Man Review

Review Robert Bernstein
11/1/2012 at 12:25PM

We're four episodes into Arrow's first season, has our vigilante's identity been revealed far too soon?

Episode Four opens up with Dig awakening in Arrow's lair.  The conversation here does not go as I thought it would.  I was beginning to think that Dig would side with Oliver--but it appears that Oliver's role as Arrow is ostracized by Dig.  Dig resigns from his job, leaving Oliver with a new bodyguard, Rob.

Oliver goes to see Laurel as Arrow to ask for help solving his next case concerning a man who is scheduled to be executed for killing his wife in two days and claims he is innocent.  It is important to note something here--how did Laurel not KNOW this was Oliver??  Seriously??  His "disguise" isn't very disguising...basically just a little green eye shadow and a green hood!

Okay, done with the mini rant.  Oliver goes into town and tracks down Dig to talk to him.  Oliver opens up about what really happened on the boat with his dad and why he donned the moniker “Arrow.”  He then asks Dig to help him in his mission to punish who that have their names in the book left by his dad.  At the end of the episode, Dig returns to Oliver and enlists him as Arrow's aide.  As I predicted last week, Dig does become Arrow's helper (score one for me!!)

We get a little more of a glimpse into Oliver's time on the island with whoever was helping him survive.  The man was trying to teach Oliver how to survive by teaching him how to kill a bird for food.  Obviously, there is more of a lesson there.  Something deeper.  It feels like the man was trying to get Oliver to let go of everything he once knew.  It's obvious that a billionaire would never have snapped a bird's neck for food in his former life.  Clearly, the man wanted Oliver to get rid of all of his past inhibitions.  After Oliver kills the bird and eats it, the man reveals that he speaks English and is trying to help Oliver survive on the island.

The episode also delves into a Queen family secret; more so on the business side of things.  Apparently, mama Queen had invested $2.6 million dollars into salvaging her late husband's sunken yacht.  This is discovered by her new replacement husband who is heading the company and notices a $2.6 million discrepancy in the books.

Most unexpected is that Detective Quentin Lance uncovers Arrow's true identity via a security camera towards the end of the episode-- this wasn't expected until later in the series.  I am stunned that producers would allow such a revelation to occur so early in the series, as usually the masked vigilante's true identity remains unknown for a long while.  Tonight's show ended with the detective arresting Oliver Queen for suspicion of murder and being a vigilante.

I have a couple of predictions for next week's show.  First, I think that Dig will help Oliver by destroying any evidence that Oliver is Arrow--10 to 1 says that Arrow's lair gets destroyed next week.  Secondly, I am predicting that Moira Queen will discover that Walter has been snooping on her.

I'm still up in air about the show.  It's doing enough to keep me interested, for now, but my concern is that it could be short lived.  My earlier rant about Laurel not being able to tell Arrow's true identity really took a toll on my liking for the show--simple mistakes like that can be a deal-breaker for some.  However, I will look past this poor bit of writing just this once and will continue to give the show a shot.

Episode Rating: 6 out of 10

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