EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Cooper returning for Agent Carter season 2

News Rob Leane
7/6/2015 at 9:46AM

According to Hayley Atwell, Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark will be back for Agent Carter season 2, alongside James D'Arcy's Jarvis...

Den Of Geek were lucky enough to interview Hayley Atwell recently. You can read the whole interview here, where we chat about her prolific partnership with Marvel Studios that has taken her from Captain America: The First Avenger all the way to Ant-Man, via The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and even her own TV show.

Speaking of Agent Carter season 2, Atwell told me that “there will be repetition of characters. So Jarvis and Howard will be there with us again. Yeah, we can’t have a show without those guys.”

Since we chatted with her, Atwell’s tip that Jarvis would return has pretty much been confirmed by James D’Arcy’s presence in the show’s San Diego Comic-Con poster.

It seems fairly certain, then, that Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark will join the season 2 roster, too. He’s a man with a busy slate, but bookending appearances like Stark’s season 1 appearances could well be a possibility.

“I’ve not started work on [season 2] yet, but it’s been written,” Atwell also mentioned. “I do know that, one thing they have decided, is that it’s going to be set a year later. So it’s 1947, it’s going to be set in L.A., and I keep on thinking about L.A. Confidential, that kind of film noir, which would be great."

We’re just awaiting a source from Marvel Studios to confirm the news of Dominic Cooper’s inclusion in the series, but Atwell herself seems like a fairly trustworthy source to us.

More news as we hear it.