New Doctor Who action figures and toys revealed

News Simon Brew
6/6/2013 at 8:35AM

News of new Doctor Who action figures, sonic screwdrivers, a TARDIS and playsets right here. With pictures too. Crikey.

Well, Character Options has been busy. The firm, who has been making Doctor Who action figures and toys since the show burst back onto our screens all those years ago, has just announced its latest range of products. So we thought we'd tell you about them. Well, more to the point, show you.

Firstly, then, there are two new playsets. One is Cold War Time Zone, and the other is Dalek Invasion Time Zone. The two work independently, but can also click together, should you so wish. Here's what they look like...

Next? There's a new spin and fly TARDIS which, as you can tell from the cunning graphic that we've been sent, makes the iconic TARDIS noise.

Also clearly making noises is this new collection of Sonic Screwdrivers...

And finally, there's the new range of action figures. These are now 3.75" in height, and the first releases at that size are the Doctor, Clara, an Asylum Of The Daleks Dalek, a Nightmare In Silver Cyberman, an Ice Warrior, a Weeping Angel, and Matt Smith's Doctor.

All of these are available right about now. More at the BBC store.

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