Complete Upcoming X-Men Movies Schedule Updated!

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5/28/2016 at 11:30AM

X-Men: Apocalypse is the newest X-Men movie, but there are lots more coming, including Deadpool 2, Gambit, and Wolverine 3.

Now updated with the new release dates for the two Untitled Fox Marvel movies scheduled for 2018.

20th Century Fox has a Marvel superhero movie schedule that’s quite nearly as busy as Marvel Studios’ for the next few years. Even with the failure of the Fantastic Four, they've got enough X-Men characters to keep everyone neck deep in mutants for the next few years.

The runaway success of Deadpool (and with X-Men: Apocalypse ready to win Memorial Day Weekend at the box office) means that they'll be willing to take even more chances on this corner of the Marvel Universe, as well. So the movies listed here are probably only the beginning.

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Here's what has been confirmed...

X-Men: Apocalypse

May 27, 2016

The third and final chapter of the “First Class Trilogy" will bring the X-Men to the ‘80s.

Here's the official synopsis:

Apocalypse takes place a decade after Days of Future Past and is a seamless next step in the story. The altering of time has unleashed a new and uniquely powerful enemy. Charles (James McAvoy), Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Hank/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) are joined by young Cyclops, Storm, Jean and others as the X-Men must fight their most formidable foe yet – an ancient unrelenting force determined to cause an apocalypse unlike any in human history.

We have a complete guide to all of the Marvel Universe Easter eggs in the movie right here. Lots of spoilers, though!

Wolverine 3

March 3, 2017

Little is known about Wolverine 3 (or The Wolverine 2 if you prefer), other than the fact that Hugh Jackman will be back as Logan and The Wolverine director James Mangold will return. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2) is writing the screenplay. 

This will be Hugh Jackman's last outing as Logan. Unless, of course, he changes his mind. We have also confirmed that Wolverine 3 will follow the "Old Man Logan" story from the comics, and will likely boast an R-rating. Patrick Stewart will appear as Professor X. Boyd Holbrook is playing one of the villains. Richard E. Grant and Stephen Merchant will also appear.

So now we run into trouble, because there are more dates out there with no movies on them, and more projects in the works than officially announced date. So let's have a look...

October 6, 2017

gambit movie

Most likely suspect: Gambit

With Wolverine 3 marking the last time Hugh Jackman will play Logan, the X-Men films are bound to find themselves in dire need of a new heroic "face of the franchise" some time in the next five years, and Channing Tatum as Gambit might just be the answer.

A proven box-office draw like Tatum playing a sly, shady X-Man might be the way to go. Gambit's complex backstory should provide ample fodder for a solo movie, which will apparently focus less on traditional superheroics and more on his background as a thief. Everyone loves Deadpool, but clearly he (the character, not Ryan Reynolds) doesn't have the leading man looks of a Channing Tatum.

Lea Seydoux will likely play opposite Tatum as Bella Donna.

Doug Liman (Edge of TomorrowThe Bourne Identity) is directing from a script by Joshua Zetumer.

We've placed Gambit on this date not because it has been confirmed, but because it's the closest to the film's previous release date. Up until recently, Gambit was scheduled for release in October of 2016. Now it looks like this movie won't get underway until later this year, which might still make it a stretch for October of 2017. It can just as easily go on the next date Fox has staked out for a Marvel movie...

marvel movies

July 14, 2017

Likely suspects: Gambit, Wolverine 3

Wait, wasn't this Fantastic Four 2? Yes. Well, that ain't happening.

But 20th Century Fox has this prime piece of summer box office real estate locked up. It's unclear if they'd want to put another R-rated superhero movie here, and that picture of Deadpool up above is purely coincidental. 

It's also possible this becomes Gambit's new home, or perhaps Wolverine 3's, if they decide to move Hugh Jackman's final run as Logan to a more high profile release slot.

March 2, 2018

Most likely suspect: Deadpool 2

We have to mention Deadpool 2 here because it has now been confirmed that this one is happening with the same creative team that made the first one such a good time. The thing is, they haven't confirmed a release date, and by all indications, the script isn't even finished yet. It will probably be late 2016 at the earliest before production on Deadpool 2 could really begin, and this January release date could yield similar box office results for another R-rated superhero outing.

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This isn't confirmed, though, so don't get too excited yet.

There's one more Marvel date on Fox's schedule at the moment, too...

June 29, 2018

Barring something disastrous, both Gambit and Wolverine 3 will already have been out at this point, and while it's possible this could end up being the Deadpool 2 date, it's more likely reserved for one of these other upcoming X-Men projects. Any of them could theoretically slot nicely into this release date...

The New Mutants

Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) will direct a New Mutants movie. Boone will also co-write the film with Knate Gawley. 

The New Mutants were the first of Marvel's X-Men spinoffs in the comics, dealing with a younger crop of gifted youngsters as the core X-Men cast expanded and aged. No word on what mutants would be included in this movie, but characters like Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane (yep, a werewolf), and Warlock (a techno-organic android) would make tremendous visuals on screen. What's more, the New Mutants would allow for a more racially diverse cast than we've seen in most X-Men movies so far.

Learn more about the New Mutants right here!


Jeff Wadlow’s early X-Force draft was met with vocal approval from X-Force co-creator, Rob Liefeld. The above concept comes from that era of the film's development. The problem is, it doesn't look like Mr. Wadlow is still involved in this one. The X-Force movie would also feature another potential Wolverine “replacement” with Cable, another charismatic good guy who operates close to the edge. We're going to first meet Cable in Deadpool 2, so you have to figure that we won't see X-Force until after that movie comes out. It's possible that X-Force could essentially focus as Deadpool 3 if they decide to bring the same creative team back.

X-Men 7

If this early report is true, X-Men 7 (which has no title) is due to begin production in Canada in early 2017, though Bryan Singer would then be unlikely to return to direct since he's moving on to adapting Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. There's nothing else to report here, and there almost certainly won't be until X-Men: Apocalypse opens in May. 

But an early 2017 production start would certainly leave enough room for X-Men 7 to sneak into that July 13, 2018 release date. This is unlikely, though, and we won't hear anything else about this until after X-Men: Apocalypse opens.


And no, we haven’t forgotten about the noises that Fox have been making about a potential Mystique solo film, either. The question of whether Jennifer Lawrence would want to continue on as a character that requires her to either be hidden behind layers of blue makeup and prosthetics for a chunk of the movie and be shape-shifted into other actors/actresses for other parts remains to be seen. This one seems the least likely of the bunch, as we haven't heard anything about this in a very long time.

What do you think? What else do you think can make it onto the X-Men movie calendar? Let us know!

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