James Mangold: Wolverine 2 after X-Men: Apocalypse

News Simon Brew
3/17/2014 at 8:43AM

X-Men Apocalypse will be the next X-Men film to go before the cameras, ahead of The Wolverine's sequel...

Fox is busy at the moment juggling the three different X-Men movies it has in various stages of development. X-Men: Days Of Future Past is nearly done, and is set for release this coming May. Meanwhile, it's already been confirmed that a direct sequel to that - X-Men: Apocalypse - is set for release in 2016, that Bryan Singer is returning to direct.

So where does that leave The Wolverine's sequel? Well, director James Mangold - who made the last Wolverine feature and will be back for the next one - was asked that very question on Twitter. And he's now confirmed that X-Men: Apocalypse will be heading into production first. "We are figuring it all out", he wrote. "At the moment, I'm shooting the next #Wolverine and #XmenApocalypse".

The would point towards  a release date potentially around 2017 for The Wolverine 2/The Wolverine 3 (depending on whether you count X-Men Origins: Wolverine towards the total). That'd be four years after the last film.

Of course, Fox could release two X-Men movies in the same year, but that's highly unlikely. It's even more unlikely that it could turn The Wolverine 2/The Wolverine 3 (as previously discussed) around for the summer of 2015.

We'll keep you posted...


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