Satanic Temple Premieres Horror Film The Witch, Along with New Trailer

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2/1/2016 at 9:55AM

The Satanic Temple hopes to spur a satanic revolution with four-city tour of unapologetic horror film The Witch.

Update: There has also been a new The Witch trailer released, which you can see at the bottom of the article along with the original trailer!

Original Article: The Satanic Temple is hoping to reap some souls with a four city tour of the upcoming historical horror movie The Witch, a New England folk tale. The Satanic Temple will launch advance screenings on February 10 in New York City.

The Witch received the official sanction of The Satanic Temple. According to TST National Spokesperson Jex Blackmore the film is a “transformative Satanic experience.” 

The Satanic Temple’s showings were announced amid interactive performances and ritualized pronouncements of a “new Satanic era.” In conjunction with the film premieres, TST launched the website, where newcomers can “join and/or support their high-profile campaigns, officially registering themselves into ‘The Book of Satan.’”

The Witch is set in 17th century Puritan New England. According to Blackmore, a political activist working for, among other causes, abortion rights, the film “departs from the victim narrative” of witchcraft and stands as a “declaration of feminine independence.” Blackmore explained.

“We are empowered by the narrative of The Witch: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns,” Blackmore said in a statement.

The Satanic Temple are best known for their activist efforts to “ensure plurality in what they see as an increasingly theocratic America,” according to a press release. The Satanic Temple believes the movie will signal the call-to-arms for a “Satanic uprising against the tyrannical vestiges of bigoted superstitions, and will harken a new era of liberation and unfettered inquiry,” according to the press release.

The four-part tour of interactive performances, entitled “The Sabbat Cycle,” mirrors the phases of “becoming” in the personal road to Satanism. The four-city tour of The Witch will premiere with a screening in New York, it will be projected in Los Angeles with an event called "Rebel" on Friday, February 12. That screening will be followed by a “pointed trip into Texas,” in Austin with a public ritual entitled “Convoke” on Tuesday, February 16. Texas was chosen because of what Blackmore describes as its unique stature as “a stronghold of regressive theocratic, persecutory anti-intellectualism.”  The tour ends in Detroit with a special screening called “Ascend.” The date has not yet been announced.

“Dearest Comrade,” Jex Blackmore, the National Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and Director of the Detroit Chapter of The Satanic Temple, wrote on the website

“With the discipline of a historian and the voice of a rebel, award-winning filmmaker Robert Eggers celebrates the sociocultural roots of the witch as a consequence of parasitic, puritanical worldviews. The Witch examines theocratic patriarchy in microcosm, documenting the pathology of a religious hysteria that is still influential in politics today.

“I speak to you as a Satanist, an individual who embraces her pariah status and actively challenges arbitrary authority in defense of personal sovereignty. To The Satanic Temple, Satan is a symbol of defiance, independence, wisdom and self-empowerment, and serves as an affirmation of natural existence.

“As Satanists, we are ever mindful of the plight of women and outsiders throughout history who suffered under the hammer of theocracy and yet fought to empower themselves. This film provides context to a period of American history that is too often fetishized by those seeking to wield this hammer once again.

“While the patriarchy makes witches of only the most socially vulnerable members of society, Eggers’ film refuses to construct a victim narrative. Instead it features a declaration of feminine independence that both provokes puritanical America and inspires a tradition of spiritual transgression. We are empowered by the narrative of The Witch: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns. Efforts to oppress and demonize the heretic prove to be a path to destruction. The witch does not burn but rises up in the night.

The Witch is not only a powerful cinematic experience, but also an impressive presentation of Satanic insight that will inform contemporary discussion of religious experience. Yet, The Witch is more than a film; it is a transformative Satanic experience that, in its call to arms, becomes an act of spiritual sabotage and liberation from the oppressive traditions of our forefathers.

“It is time to awaken. As we stand at the crossroads of history, let us confront the blind and self-righteous who persecute thought and reason. Let us rise up in celebration of our Satanic nature and embrace the embodiment of the witch. This is a new American era. Join us.”

The Witch will open in nationwide in theatres on Feb. 19 opposite the faith-based biblical thriller Risen.

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