The Good Dinosaur is Pixar's Lowest Grossing Movie

News Simon Brew
1/27/2016 at 7:23AM

Pixar's The Good Dinosaur did decent business before Christmas - but not much, by Pixar standards...

Pixar's incredible box office record is just about intact, as The Good Dinosaur continued the firm's unmatched streak of having every one of its movies cross $100 million at the US box office. Yet as the final results start to tally, it's clear that the movie is Pixar's lowest grossing by some distance.

The Good Dinosaur's tale of production trouble is familiar. The movie was put on hold, its original co-director removed, its release delayed and its script re-written. It finally arrived in cinemas to relatively little fanfare last November, earning decent reviews, but nothing close to those enjoyed by Pixar's other 2015 release, Inside Out.

We'd argue that The Good Dinosaur isn't Pixar's weakest film, as it turns out, it's the film that's done the weakest business for the firm. Its cinema run is coming to an end, and while we're not looking at the first Pixar flop, it's proven to be an expensive project for the company, without a sizeable return.

In the US, the film's total has come in at $119m, ranking it 16 out of 16 Pixar movies at the box office. The film in 15th, A Bug's Life, grossed $162.8m back in 1998.

Worldwide? It's not a cheerier story really. It's 16th out of 16 again, with a combined total of $268.7m. In 15th is Toy Story, with $362m.

The top grossing Pixar movie remains Toy Story 3, with $1.06bn worldwide. Inside Out is in third, with $856.1m.

The Good Dinosaur, then, is a long way from a flop. But it's some distance off being a profitable hit, too.

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