The Flash Movie: Creators Going for "Tech-Based" Costume

News Ryan Lambie
10/9/2015 at 6:35AM

Exclusive: the makers of Warner's 2018 movie of The Flash are going for a "tech-based" costume for its speedy superhero, we've learned...

The CW's TV incarnation of DC Comics' The Flash may be a ratings hit, but it's not the only version of the superhero in the works.

Warner Bros is currently putting together a movie version of The Flash as part of its DC Cinematic Universe, which began with Man Of Steel in 2013 and will continue with next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The Flash isn't out until 2018, which means it's rather too early for Warner to begin the drip-feed of early images and other details we've enjoyed with the likes of 2017's Wonder Woman. What we currently know is that Ezra Miller is in the lead as The Flash himself, and that screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith is making his debut as director on the movie. He'll also be writing the script, based on a story previously worked on by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

We've also recently learned, thanks to a source who has inside information on the movie, that the filmmakers behind The Flash have a quite specific look in mind as they design the superhero's outfit.

Understandably, they're seeking to avoid "any comparison to the well designed and received TV version," we're told. To ring the changes, they're aiming to create a more "tech-based" suit that will look quite different from the burgundy leather outfit designed by Colleen Atwood for the series. Instead, this one will look more "like armor."

When it comes to The Flash's movie costume, a comparison has been made to the version of the hero seen in the videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us. Take a look at the images below, and you can immediately see the differences between the clean, classic-looking TV show costume (on the left), and the spiky, more aggressive one presented in the videogame (on the right): 

The design choice seems to fit with the rest of the DCU we've seen so far; Superman's costume in Man Of Steel was all muted tones and tough, kevlar-like texture. In Batman v Superman, meanwhile, we'll be seeing the Caped Crusader wear both a classic cloth outfit and a heavily-armoured Batsuit -- all the better for taking on the Son of Jor-El. Even the Wonder Woman costume we've seen so far has a weighty, armor-like feel to it -- though this may not be the only outfit the warrior princess will wear through the course of the movie.

According to our source, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is now something of a "tech geek," which also seems logical given his day-job -- that of a forensic scientist.

Of course, The Flash is still three years away, and things may change as Grahame-Smith guides the film to completion, but we're intrigued to see what the big-screen take will look like.