Exclusive: Nicolas Cage "highly unlikely" for Expendables 3

News Sarah Dobbs
7/18/2013 at 11:51AM

Nicolas Cage tells us that reports of his involvement in The Expendables 3 are premature. Very premature...

Nicolas Cage is on promotional duties right now for his new movie, The Frozen Ground, which arrives in UK cinemas tomorrow. He co-stars with John Cusack, and we'll have our full interview with him tomorrow.

However, ahead of that, we've asked Nicolas Cage straight out about reports that he's in The Expendables 3. It seemed, off the back of internet chatter, that it was all done and dusted that he would be joining the soon-to-shoot action fest. But it seems that everyone knows about it but him. "I have not had any formal discussions about that movie", he told us.

Then he got clearer, correcting another internet rumor in the process.

"I'm not in Kick-Ass 2 and I don't think I'm in Expendables 3. And I like those guys, but I would say it would be highly unlikely that I'd be in that movie".

He left us in little doubt that The Expendables 3 was not a film on his immediate agenda. Come back tomorrow for the full interview...

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