Stephen King's The Dark Tower Movie News: New Story Details, Photos, Cast, & Release Date

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7/21/2016 at 10:30AM

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What you need to know about Stephen King's The Dark Tower movie, including casting, release date, and more!

The Dark Tower Movie Latest News

Nikolaj Arcel’s upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novel series will pull elements from each of the entries.

The Dark Tower movie, which stars Idris Elba as Roland the Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, will hit screens next February and producers have been dropping hints like gargoyles drop stones. Entertainmnet Weekly was allowed to pick up those stones for a preview on what the movie will borrow from each book.

The first book, The Gunslinger, which King published in 1982, sets up the revenge story that pits the Gunslinger against the Man in Black. It also introduces Jake, a mysterious boy who becomes Roland’s sidekick, because every gunslinger needs a sidekick.

The Drawing of the Three came out in 1987 and it introduces Eddie and Susannah, two people from contemporary earth, who are adopted into their destined “ka-tet.”

The Waste Lands, which was published in 1991, brings the reader to New York, where Jake is from. Katheryn Winnick from History’s Vikings, plays Jake’s mom. She is worried that her son is going crazy because he’s been seeing visions of gunslinger, a Man in Black, and an dark imposing Tower. They also venture to Brooklyn, where an old mansion called Dutch Hill comes alive to protect a portal to Mid-World.

Wizard and Glass, which came out in 1997, flashed back to the gunslinger’s past. It gets further into the mythology of the books and introduces glass orbs that peer into other times and places.

The Wind Through The Keyhole from 2012 introduces the concept that people can bend reality through the power of fantasy.

Wolves of the Calla (2003) calls on the shaman of Manni village who can traverse the worlds. Claudia Kim from Avengers: Age of Ultron will play a tribe member. This book brought in more science fiction elements.

Song of Susannah from 2004 introduces NYC hole-in-the-wall restaurant the Dixie Pig, a kind of Mall of America, in the movie, for nasty otherworldly beings.

The Dark Tower from 2004 introduced The Sombra Group, which also does business as Keystone Earth. It is a front company for followers of the evil Crimson King, who are rooting for the Tower to fall.

Last week, Sony offered an app from that can be downloaded for Apple or Android. The app allows users to add a VR rose to any photo. Red roses and the number 19 recur in the book and foretell forbodings.

Roland the Gunslinger will have the Horn of Eld in the movie, allowing him another turn on the wheel of Ka, which reboots the universe.

The Dark Tower Movie Release Date

It seems that Sony is very serious about The Dark Tower film adaptation. Not only does the film have a director and a pair of writers, but it also now has a release date.

According to Variety, Sony has dated its movie slate through 2017. The first Dark Tower film will premiere on Jan. 13, 2017.

No casting has been announced for the film as of yet, although there have been rumors that Javier Bardem or Russell Crowe could star as Roland Deschain, the gunslinging main character of the books and undoubtedly the first film. 

Page 1 of 5Stephen King's The Dark Tower Movie News: New Story Details, Photos, Cast, & Release Date