Mad Max: Fury Road footage unveiled

Trailer Don Kaye
7/27/2014 at 10:28AM

Director George Miller gives us a glimpse into the insane world of Mad Max: Fury Road!

Director George Miller made his debut appearance at SDCC 2014 to introduce the first-ever public showing of footage from Mad Max: Fury Road, the big-budget reboot of his original 30-year-old film trilogy that starred Mel Gibson.

Tom Hardy has taken over the role of former cop and post-apocalyptic nomad Max Rockatansky in the new version, which also stars Charlize Theron and which was shot nearly two years ago in tough location conditions that led the price tag to balloom so alarmingly that Warner Bros. sent executives to the remote South African set to monitor the film's progress.

Watch it here:

One thing's for sure -- whatever money they spent is all up on the screen. The extended SDCC trailer for the movie looks like the original Mad max trilogy pumped up on a massive dose of steroids. Epic action, car and truck chases, brutal violence and towering landscapes -- including a jaw-dropping sequence of Max strapped to a car as it plows into some sort of gigantic storm system ravaging the desert.

We didn't really get to hear Max say anything, but Hardy's physical presence and demeanor come across well on screen and he looked ready to assume the role.

The movie looks, in a word, colossal. The slogan that flashed across the screen near the end of the trailer was "2015 is the year of the Mad." That just might be the case.

Here are four cool new posters from the film:

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