Guardians Of The Galaxy roles revealed

News Simon Brew
7/8/2013 at 3:57PM

We now know exactly who Benicio del Toro, Karen Gillan and Lee Pace are playing in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy...

Work is underway on Marvel's big gamble for 2014, its movie of Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is now shooting in the UK. James Gunn is directing, and an impressive ensemble has been gathered together for the movie.

Three of the names on the cast list are Benicio del Toro, Lee Pace and Karen Gillan, and while it was suspected that del Toro was set to play The Collector, we now have confirmed from a solid source just who is going to be who in the movie.

So then: Benicio del Toro is, indeed, The Collector in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Also confirming an earlier rumour, Lee Pace is definitely going to be playing Ronan The Accuser. Karen Gillan, meanwhile, will be playing Nebula in the movie.

A quick rundown of just who each of those characters are, then. The Collector is one of the oldest characters in Marvel's universe, given that he dates back billions of years, protecting the universe in the way he sees fit. He can see, to an extent, the future, and it was he that foresaw Thanos, whose role in the Marvel cinematic universe has already been introduced, and is expected to be heavily expanded.

Ronan The Accuser, meanwhile, first popped up in Fantastic Four comics, and he's a member of the Kree, an alien race. He's got a fair number of superhuman powers, and while originally a villain, he has shown a more heroic side, too. For the purposes of the movie, we'd imagine you don't want to get on the wrong side of him, though.

Nebula, meanwhile, is a villain and space pirate, who claimed to be the granddaughter of Thanos.

Gillan, Pace and del Toro are set then, at first at least, to be a villanous trio to go head to head with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. How much Thanos we get remains to be seen.

A full casting announcement is coming at Comic-Con at the end of the month.

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