Exclusive: Rosario Dawson Confirms She’s In Clerks 3

News David Crow
1/22/2014 at 8:12AM

Star Rosario Dawson confirms to Den of Geek that she'll be returning for Clerks 3.

During promotion for Gimme Shelter, Rosario Dawson confirmed to Den of Geek that she will be in Clerks 3…whenever that is.
When I sat down with Dawson earlier this week, a snow storm seemingly threatened to engulf Manhattan whole outside, but the always engaging star of such films as 25th Hour, Rent, and Sin City brought her reliable warmth to the press proceedings. We’ll have the entirety of that interview available later in the week, but inevitably the subject of Clerks 3 came up.
At New York Comic-Con last fall, Kevin Smith confirmed to a rapturous crowd that the screenplay for the third Clerks film was completed, and that the movie would be next on his schedule after he finished Tusk, which began shooting in November. During that NYCC panel, Smith also stated his plan to have Clerks 3 in theaters by November 2014, timed for the 20th anniversary of the original Clerks' theatrical release. He has since posted on his Facebook page that he hopes to begin shooting Clerks 3 this May.
However, we have not had any confirmations of returning fan favorites for the Quick-Stop threequel until now. Dawson, who played Becky, the effervescent light in sad sack Dante’s (Brian O’Halloran) life during Clerks II, was able to confirm that she will be back for another View Askew adventure, though she does not yet know when it’s shooting.
Den of Geek: You mentioned earlier Clerks 3, and I know Kevin Smith said in October that he’s aiming to have it out by this November 2014 for the 20th Anniversary. Do you know if that’s still happening?
Rosario Dawson: Well, we haven’t shot it, so I don’t know if that’s possible. [Laughs]
DoG: Do you know if it’s shooting this year?
Dawson: Don’t know. He just confirmed that I’m in it!
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