Blade Runner 2: Ryan Gosling Confirmed

News Ryan Lambie
11/17/2015 at 7:15AM

Ryan Gosling will definitely be taking the lead role in Blade Runner 2, and it'll be the next film he shoots...

Just to confirm, Ryan Gosling is now definite for Blade Runner 2. He has confirmed to Collider that it'll be the next film he's planning to shoot.

Our original story from September follows...

As part of his promotional work for the excellent The Martian, which arrives in cinemas October 2nd, Ridley Scott chatted to us about the movie, and moved onto discussing Blade Runner 2.

What we know about Blade Runner 2 thus far is that Denis Villeneuve is directing the film (following his successes with Prisoners and Sicario), Harrison Ford is returning, and that Ryan Gosling is likely to feature.

Chatting to us last week, Scott admitted that the excellent Villeneuve wasn't actually the first choice to direct Blade Runner 2. "It's a hard one", he said. "I asked somebody before, who I though would be right - I would rather not say who it is. He just said 'I'm not going to do that, I'm never going to follow through on that."'

Scott also told us that " I spent the last two years writing what will be a sequel, and it’s done. I’m not doing it. Denis Villeneuve’s doing it, which I think is a good choice. Harrison [Ford] is in, and the other person - I’m not certain yet, but... I shouldn’t say who. But there’s somebody else who’s very good, very interesting. I think Ryan Gosling is probably going to do it, with Harrison."

Gosling had previously been rumored for the film, but Scott seems to be suggesting there's substance to that rumor.

When we quizzed Sir Ridley if Gosling would be the central character, he said "yeah, yeah. I can’t really say more than that, because it’ll give away the story. But Harrison’s definitely in it. In an important way."

Make of that what you will.

The full interview with Sir Ridley Scott can be found here.