Batman's "Dawn of Justice" Cowl on display at SDCC

News Jason Tabrys
7/23/2014 at 10:49PM

Take a closer look at Batman's new cowl for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the SDCC floor!

By now, we’ve all seen the very grey image of the very bulbous and morose Batman from Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but thanks to DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio’s twitter account, we now have a better, full color glimpse at Batman’s cowl from the upcoming film -- and on Batman Day, to boot.

As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot that we can derive from this image that we couldn’t see in Snyder’s initial snapshot (Superhero Hype has a gallery that shows the cowl and cape from all angles), save for the color. This version of Batman will, indeed, rock a black cowl and not a very dark blue one. Along with the stubby ears and the more crude looking Bat-symbol on his chest, this further confirms the stylistic homage to the look of Batman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns . Now let me tell you why that pleases me.

I grew up surrounded by the Adam West Batsuit that looked like my pajamas (or vice versa) and the black rubber suit that Michael Keaton wore in Tim Burton’s Batman. Each were iconic in their own way and far more appealing than the silver trimmed abomination that Clooney wore in Batman and Robin, but while many consider Christian Bale’s Batsuit to be above even those previously mentioned favorites, I feel a little cool towards it. Bale’s suit is a wonder of design and it’s clearly made to look like something that someone would wear were they foolishly endeavoring to become a street vigilante -- it looks like body armor. This fits the aesthetic of the film, with the rugged batmobile and the more grounded feel of the whole thing, but it doesn’t really look like the simpler Batsuit that I’ve come to love in the comics and Affleck’s does.

Does it defy reason to watch a man fight off powerful villains while wearing something that looks as if it could be easily pierced by knife, bullet or broken glass? Sure, but he’s already a six foot guy that’s dressed up like a bat, so I’m prepared to take that leap as well.

Source: Dan DiDio’s Twitter

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