Bad Country Trailer Is Here

News Den Of Geek
2/13/2014 at 1:17PM

Check out the new trailer for Bad Country, starring Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, Tom Berenger, and Amy Smart in a Louisiana noir.

What happens when you cast Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, and Tom Berenger in the same movie? You get a bit of backwoods gumbo noir. At least that is what first-time director Chris Brinker is going for. The producer of the two Boondock Saints films has graduated to film direction and is bringing Boondock stalwart Dafoe with him.

Supposedly inspired by real events, Bad Country is the tale of what happens when one detective’s (Dafoe) investigations leads to the arrest of Jesse Weiland (Dillon), a contract killer for the seedy bayou underworld. Facing life in prison and the prospect of losing his wife (Amy Smart), Jesse cuts a deal to rat on his criminal syndicate. But what always happens to the rat or their families?

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