105 movie sequels currently in the works

News Simon Brew
3/15/2012 at 5:59AM

Hollywood loves its sequels, and we’ve got the proof here. Meet the 105 sequels at various stages of production, and a further 17 that seem to have died.

It’s been nearly five years since we started doing our annual round-ups of the current movie sequels that are in the works, and this year marks the longest list of all. Furthermore, what the 105 we've rounded up here doesn’t include are the projects that we suspect might have been lost to development hell, which we’ve detailed down at the bottom. Hollywood does love its follow-ups.

The projects that we do talk about here each have some chance of happening, and we’ve done a release date cut off of films due after October 2012 at the earliest. Thus, this summer’s collection of sequels – including The Dark Knight Rises, Madagascar 3, Ice Age 4, G.I. Joe 2, The Expendables 2, American Pie: The Reunion, Men In Black 3, Wimpy Kid 3, The Bourne Legacy – aren’t included either.

And yet, with those exclusions, we’re still left with the many projects we're about to talk about.

Regular readers will know we don't like splitting lists over multiple pages, but we've had to in this instance. The reason? Er, simply because our back end system wouldn't let us fit it all on one page, unless we took all the pictures out.

Without further ado.

21 Jump Street 2

Let’s start here. 21 Jump Street is a surprisingly strong action comedy, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum an impressive double act. Hill, who worked on the script for the film, has confirmed that he’s already been working on ideas for a follow-up, too, which we’d imagine the commercial performance of the first film will allow to happen. We’ll bet hard cash it won’t be called 22 Jump Street, though…

300: Battle Of Artemisia

For fairly obvious reasons, the second 300 film will be taking place before the first one. It’s been stuck in development limbo for a little while, with the likes of Guy Ritchie linked at one point. However, it’s now going to be called 300: Battle Of Artemisia, with Noam Munro directing. Munro has been down to direct Die Hard 5, before eventually parting company with that project.

The new 300 film, which is due out in 2013, will feature Eva Green and Jamie Blackley in its cast.

Adventures Of Tintin 2

Never mind that it didn’t make as much cash as expected in America, the worldwide box office performance of The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn more than made a sequel a given (nearly $400m worldwide, of which more than three quarters came from outside the US).

Peter Jackson is set to direct the next film, although he won’t be getting to it until he’s done with his two Hobbit movies. That suggests 2014 would be optimistic for Tintin 2. Anthony Horowitz is working on the script, which will be based on more than one book. There are plans for at least one further film after this one, too.

A Good Day To Die Hard

Ever since the third film, it’s been the law that Die Hard films have a title that, wherever possible, eschews the need for a number (although the last movie became Die Hard 4.0 outside of the US. Can’t win ‘em all). A Good Day To Die Hard, then, is Die Hard 5, and wonderfully, it’s scheduled for a Valentine’s Day release in 2013.

Less wonderfully, John Moore has been recruited to direct. He may turn in a good film here, but his Max Payne movie still makes our eyes bleed. Bruce Willis is back, with Jai Courtney (Spartacus) playing his son, and this time, John McClane has to save the whole world. No, really.

Incidentally, help is at hand if they're looking for titles for Die Hard 6...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony has much confidence in its upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, with Andrew Garfield slipping his frame into the webslinger’s suit. So much so that it’s already earmarked a release date for the sequel. There’s no messing around, here: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be out on 2nd May 2014. The key players, in front of and behind the camera, are locked in to return.

Attack The Block 2

There’s not been much movement regarding a follow-up to Joe Cornish’s sleeper hit Attack The Block. However, the director said last autumn that he’d had several ideas for an Attack The Block 2, but that it wasn’t likely to be his next film. After that? An Attack The Block sequel may yet be in the offing.

Avatar 2 and 3

The wait for James Cameron’s Avatar sequels is going to be a long way, it’s been confirmed recently. The last update we had on the project was that Avatar 2 wouldn’t be with us until 2016 at the very earliest, which suggests that Avatar 3 will follow the year after. Both films will be blue.

The Avengers 2/Avengers Re-assemble

It’s little secret that Marvel has locked the likes of Chris Evans down for lots and lots of films, and three of them will be Avengers movies. The first Avengers is out this summer, and then presumably Marvel will leave the usual two to three year gap until the next one. Might Joss Whedon be tempted to return to direct? We’ll get a clearly idea of that the other side of the summer, but he's been chatting about his thoughts on a follow-up at least.

Bad Santa 2

Dimension Films is keen on a sequel to Bad Santa, and has provisionally set the film for a possible 2013 release. Billy Bob Thornton will be reprising his role for the follow-up, which will involve a trip across the United States this time. The current plan is to shoot the movie this year, for release next.


It’s no surprise, this, but just because Christopher Nolan will conclude his own Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises later this year, that doesn’t mean the caped crusader’s big screen adventures will be over. The current thinking is that Nolan and Emma Thomas will assume producer roles, as the Batman franchise will then undergo its latest cinematic makeover.

You have to say: the person who follows Nolan into the director’s chair has a bit of a thankless task on their hands…

Beetlejuice 2

A project firmly back on the radar, with Michael Keaton revealing earlier this year that he’s met with the screenwriter for the film, and he’s very keen to do it. Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are writing the screenplay, and the movie is apparently high up Warner Bros’ radar, and possibly Tim Burton’s, too. Blimey.


Storming seemingly out of nowhere to be the action film hit of 2012, Gareth Evans’ The Raid – or The Raid: Redemption if you live in the US – is an absolute treat. Such has been the strength of support for the film, too, that a sequel is already in the works, with may just be the second in a planned trilogy.

The new film will be called Berandal, with Iko Uwais returning, and at least 100 days of physical production are being planned. The scale and budget for the new film are on the up, too. No release date has been confirmed yet, and given how long it’s going to take just to shoot the film, it might be a while yet...

Bill & Ted 3

The latest news on Bill & Ted 3? Well, the script is apparently done. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are both keen to return. It’s just a matter now of finding the funding, and a director. The chances of the film happening aren’t bad, and hopefully, they’ll find a way to honour the late, great George Carlin.

Blade Runner sequel/prequel

Is this one a prequel or a sequel? Well, if anyone knows, they’re not telling yet. We know that Alcon Entertainment has the rights to a new Blade Runner film, which it’s actively developing. We also know that Ridley Scott is keen to be involved, and is planning to direct. Beyond that? We’ve got precious little to go on. We know that the film is being developed, and, like you, we await further developments.

Bridget Jones’s Diary 3

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig was the original choice to direct Bridget Jones 3, but he was replaced late last year, with Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty) recruited in his place.

The film will bring Renee Zellweger back to the title role, although it’s hit some problems with reports of script delays putting back the start of production. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are also back, though, and Bridget Jones’s Baby is the working title of the film.

Bruce Almighty 2

There’s already been one sequel of sorts to Bruce Almighty, with Steve Carell taking centre stage in Evan Almighty, when Jim Carrey passed on the chance to return. However, things change. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Jim Carrey was interested in a follow-up, with Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul touted to write the script.

Carrey’s not the box office draw he once was, which might explain why he’s now being linked to sequels to his earlier films. Our guess is that he’ll pick one of Bruce Almighty 2 and Dumb And Dumber 2 (which we’re coming to shortly) to progress.

Captain America 2

The smart money suggests that we’re looking at the summer of 2014 for the second standalone Captain America movie, with Chris Evans set to reprise the title role. Shooting on the movie is believed to be starting before the year is out, although a director, as yet, hasn’t been announced for the film. One will be soon, though, with screenplay work already well, well underway.

Chronicle 2

It’s been confirmed that Max Landis, screenwriter of the first Chronicle, is penning the follow-up to 2012’s sleeper hit. With over $100m banked worldwide, and great reviews, Chronicle is also ripe for a follow-up.

Will director Josh Trank return? That’s less clear. Rumours link him to Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, amongst other big projects. Hopefully, though, he can be tempted back to continue the Chronicle story.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew

Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, the third movie in the Narnia movie franchise, was the best but least commercially successful. It also hasn’t put too many people a fourth Narnia movie, not least because it’s just the kind of film that works well in the back catalogue. Think of the boxset.

The next Narnia book to hit the big screen will be The Magician’s Nephew, and it’s still in the early stages of development. At the earliest, a 2014 release is mooted, but there’s no certainty of a green light, here.

Clash Of The Titans 3

You know how this works. To keep the distance between blockbuster sequels down to two years rather than three, studios set in motion a further chapter, even before the most recent film has been released.

Thus, last year Warner Bros recruited Dan Mazeau and David Leslie to start working on a treatment for Clash Of The Titans 3, although whether it ultimately presses forward will depend on the kind of business that Wrath Of The Titans does at the box office. If it does well, expect the Kraken to be re-re-released.

Cloudy 2: Revenge Of The Leftovers

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs remains one of the most delightful animated surprises of recent years, and its quality was matched by a good performance at the box office, too.

The sequel is thus due, which is being penned by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Horrible Bosses). Original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord are stepping back into producer roles this time, with Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn directing. And the working title? Cloudy 2: Revenge Of The Leftovers. Let’s hope they get that outstanding voice cast back.

The film is set for release in December 2013.

Cloverfield 2

Another long-mooted sequel that looks no closer to happening, but one that the key personnel are still keen to make. Drew Goddard, who penned the first film, and also directed The Cabin In The Woods, has reiterated his desire to make the film. The problem? Well, you can guess. The schedules of director Matt Reeves and producer JJ Abrams are hardly empty, and until that changes, Cloverfield will remain a one-off.

Con Air 2

Independently of each other, John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and director Simon West have declared interest in a possible sequel to the immortal Con Air. Not least because they get asked about it in the majority of interviews they seem to do.

Jerry Bruckheimer has never come across as averse to doing another Con Air movie, but it seems more a series of good intentions, rather than anything substantial, at the moment. We have, however, come up with potential posters for the film, here.

Crank 3D

This one remains a long shot, but it’s still got flickers of light to it. While promoting Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor confirmed that there was still a possibility of a third Crank film, and that Idris Elba may well be involved. The last we heard, there was still the possibility of a 2013 release for the film, too.

Death Race 3

Luke Goss is back for the second sequel to Death Race, which will also feature Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Dougray Scott. It’ll no doubt be headed straight to DVD again, but the second movie was really quite palatable, so don’t necessarily write it off. It’s out later this year.

Despicable Me 2

Work is afoot on the return of Gru and his army of minions, with Despicable Me 2 due to arrive in cinemas in the summer of 2013. Original directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin are also on board, and the film has snagged the voice talent of Mr Al Pacino, too, who will be playing Gru’s nemesis. After Jack And Jill, that man has some credibility to re-build...

District 9 2

A film that’s being held up, it seems, by the busy schedules of those involved in it. In particular, Sharlto Copley and director Neill Bloomkamp have their respective plates full for the time being, while producer Peter Jackson…, well, you know full well what he’s up to.

There’s still seeming intent to make the film, but it may yet take another year or so for the respective pieces to slide into place.

Dumb And Dumber 2

It’s been a long while since The Farrelly Brothers came up with a film to match the strength of their earlier comedies. Last year’s Hall Pass simply doesn’t come close to Kingpin, There’s Something About Mary, and Dumb And Dumber.

The brothers might well know that, too, as they revealed last year that they were looking at making a Dumb And Dumber 2 of their own. A cheap prequel, with a new cast, was made a good few years back, but the Farrellys would look to bring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back together for the film. There’s been little progress since they brought it up, but then it was in the early stages of development when they mentioned it.

Enchanted 2

Just as we thought that a follow-up to the delightful Enchanted was entirely dead, James Marsden re-expressed his interest in the film just before Christmas. At one stage, a director was in place, with Anne Fletcher appointed to steer the project. But time is ticking, and Marsden and Amy Adams are getting no younger. You get the sense that if Enchanted 2 doesn’t get moving this year, then it’s not going to happen at all.

Fast & Furious 6 and 7

The original plan to shoot Fast Six and Fast Seven back to back has seemingly been abandoned, and instead, director Justin Lin is working away on getting Fast & Furious 6 in cinemas for the summer of 2013. The Rock, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the rest of the crew are returning. We suspect with some fast cars, too. Then, chances are that Fast & Furious 7 will follow in 2015.

The Fighter 2

Mark Wahlberg is planning to reprise the role of Micky Ward for a sequel to the Oscar-winning The Fighter. The bulk of the original film’s cast are likely to return, and the second film will focus on Ward’s fights with Arturo Gatti. David O Russell is set to produce, but it’s not clear yet whether he’ll resume directorial duties, too.

Friday 4

It looks like there might just be a chance of a brand new Friday movie, not least if Ice Cube has anything to do with it. Cube is keen to team up with Chris Tucker again for a fourth Friday film, and is believed to be working on the script for it. It’s been a decade since the last film, though, so it’s far from a certainty this one will go ahead.

Get Smart 2

Not much obvious progress on this one in the last year, but given how much the first one made, and how comparably economical a Get Smart 2 would be, it’s still more than likely happening. Steve Carell was working on it last we heard, having had a go at the script himself. Anne Hathaway has been quite busy, though, and once schedules settle down a little, we’d imagine this one’s still likely to happen.

Ghost Rider 3

The underwhelming box office returns for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance might have killed this one stone dead, but as late as February of this year, plans for Ghost Rider 3 were still afoot. Nicolas Cage, not the kind of actor who jumps at sequels, was said to be interested, and co-director Mark Neveldine had also suggested that he might be back. We would imagine that the odds of Ghost Rider 3 are long, though, although stranger things have happened. Ghost Rider 2, for instance.

Ghostbusters 3

The news that Bill Murray definitely won’t be returning for the Ghostbusters reunion has put the long-mooted sequel on shaky ground.

Originally, Sony reportedly said that it wouldn’t make the film without Murray on board, although such talk has relaxed of late. But there’s still little doubt that Murray’s absence has thrown things into jeopardy. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis still have a script, and Ivan Reitman is still down to direct.

Beyond that? Ghostbusters 3 still has a chance of happening, but it’s a diminishing one.

The Girl Who Played With Fire

This one’s a little bit in limbo. David Fincher’s film of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did decent box office, although it was hobbled by the curious, and ultimately flawed, decision to release it at Christmas. Rooney Mara, who rightly picked up an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film, is contracted for the next films, which Sony is pressing ahead with making. We’d suggest that it’s highly unlikely that David Fincher will be back, though.

The earliest we’d expect this one is the end of 2013, but it’ll probably be a bit later than that.

Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

It seems lots of people are keen to get on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon right now. There’s the hit BBC series, headlined by Benedict Cumberbatch, the pair of movies from Guy Ritchie, and CBS planning its own TV adaptation with Jonny Lee Miller as the famous sleuth.

The sequel to animated hit Gnomeo & Juliet? It looks to be seeking similar inspiration. Elton John’s Rocket Pictures has put Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes into motion, with Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley working on a script. Whether Kelly Asbury will return to direct is unclear, though.

Green Lantern 2

Hmmm. Up until the moment that people got to see Green Lantern for the first time, Green Lantern 2 seemed a done deal. A script had been worked on, Ryan Reynolds was locked in to return, and nothing could go wrong. Sadly, the critical savaging that Green Lantern attracted translated into underwhelming box office numbers, leaving Warner Bros with a tricky decision to make.

Thus far, the studio has been bullish about pressing ahead with another Green Lantern film, not least we’d guess because it wants its own Justice League movie at some point in the future. We know that director Martin Campbell won’t be involved if it does go ahead, though. Don’t hold your breath for this one…

Grown Ups 2

Adam Sandler, remarkably, has never made a sequel before, preferring instead to focus on original fare such as Jack And Jill. But he clearly had such a blast making Grown Ups, his biggest hit, that he’s been tempted back for a follow-up. Expect the likes of Kevin James and Chris Rock to return, too, with the ensemble comedy set to land on July 12th 2013 in the US.

Halloween 3D

The remake of Halloween, and its subsequent sequel, did enough business for Dimension Films to want to press ahead with a third film. However, it’s stuck in a little bit of limbo. Halloween 3D was originally set for an October 2012 release, based on a script from the writers of Drive Angry 3D. But it seems the project has headed back in the direction of the drawing board.

As things stand, there’s no script that we know of, no director, and no release date. Just the strong likelihood that the film is still going to get made.

Hancock 2

Every time we think that a follow-up to Hancock is dead, out pops another piece of news that suggests it might still be on the radar. It’s been a victim of the busy schedules of both star Will Smith and director Peter Berg so far, but it's not going away. In fact, Berg, currently finishing up his work on Battleship, still has it very much on his slate, and Smith is understood to be keen to reprise the title role.

The Hangover Part 3

The film might not be in a position to move forward yet, but The Hangover Part 3 is an absolute certainty, and should round out the trilogy. Expect all of the main cast to return, led by Bradley Cooper, with Todd Phillips likely to direct again. Our guess is that you can expect to see the film in the summer of 2013. Don’t hold us to it, though.

High School Musical 4

It’s Zac Efron who’s potentially opened the door for this one. We didn’t think that Disney would leave the High School Musical idea behind, with the likelihood being that a remake or reboot of sorts would be on the cards. Yet Efron hasn’t ruled out the chance of returning himself, suggesting, while on promotional duties for The Lorax, that in his heart, he’d jump at the chance of High School Musical 4. Still a long shot, though.

Horrible Bosses 2

A surprise comedy hit of 2011, the R-rated Horrible Bosses is set to spawn the equally R-rated Horrible Bosses 2. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are penning the script for the new film, with all of the key cast set to return. Seth Gordon is reportedly interesting in directing again, too.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon was brilliant. It made money, too. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was thus greenlit, with the voice talent returning, and is due in the summer of 2014. There’s not a fat lot more we need to tell you, there.

Human Centipede 3

Tom Six is continuing his really quite unimpressive horror franchise, and is shooting Human Centipede 3. Given the particularly unpleasant second movie, we’ll leave our coverage of the third there if that’s okay with you.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins had written three books in The Hunger Games series, and even before the first had seen the inside of a cinema, work had begun on adapting the second for the big screen. It looks like Gary Ross will be back to direct the second film, and Simon Beaufouy (The Full Monty, 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire) is on scripting duties. Beaufouy has promised a faithful adaptation of the book, and Catching Fire is due in cinemas on November 22nd 2013.

I Am Legend 2

Since we’ve been doing these annual sequel round-ups, I Am Legend has been a regular inclusion. Without wishing to spoil the film, a direct follow-up would be a pretty challenging proposition.

The answer? A prequel, with Will Smith tapped to return. It’s a project that’s being more talked about than acted upon in recent years, though, at least until Warner Bros recruited a screenwriter. This is a recent development, with Arash Amel brought in to pen the script. Depending on how that turns out, and that’s some kind of solid progress, the film may or may not move forward over the next year or so.

The Incredibles 2

While doing the interview rounds for last year’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, director Brad Bird said that he retained an interest in making another The Incredibles movie, but not until he had the right idea for it. Pixar sequels are notoriously spaced apart, so there’s no massive concern there. We just look forward to the film when it finally happens.

Indiana Jones 5

George Lucas continues to work away on a MacGuffin that doesn’t involve aliens for the fifth, and presumably last, Indiana Jones film. You know the score, here. Spielberg will come back to direct. Harrison Ford is happy to star. But it’s Lucas that holds the key to the Indiana Jones movie, and until he’s happy he’s cracked the story, the wait for Indy 5 goes on.

Insidious 2

Not a massive surprise, this, given that the first film cost very, very little to make and then turned in a small fortune. Insidious 2, then, is in the early stages, with original writer and director, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, both involved. There’s no release date or anything yet, but we’d imagine the turnaround will be quite quick, once the green light is given.

Iron Man 3

No pressure, but Iron Man 3 will be the first big Marvel film post-The Avengers, and it’ll be interesting to see just how that impacts on the standalone adventures of Tony Stark.

The basics, then. Robert Downey Jr is returning in the title role, and a release date has been earmarked. The film is set for May 3rd 2013. What makes Iron Man 3 particularly interesting, though, is the choice of director. Shane Black, who hasn’t helmed a film since the wonderful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is calling the shots. He’s also contributed to the script, and he might just be the main reason to watch the movie.

John Carter 2

Treatments are in place for a further two John Carter movies, although the likelihood of them getting made isn’t particularly strong. The box office returns for the first movie haven’t been at the level you’d need for such a massively expensive film thus far, and it’s going to take a sizeable non-US take to steer John Carter back to cinemas. If it happens, though, Andrew Stanton is reportedly keen to remain heavily involved.

Journey 3

Jules Verne will be pleased. Journey To The Center Of The Earth was a pre-Avatar 3D hit, one which spawned a sequel earlier this year, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Turns out, the sequel stood alone comfortably well, made a decent amount of cash, and now plans are afoot for Journey 3. The Rock is set to return, as is Josh Hutcherson. Journey 2 director Brad Peyton is interested in directing again, we hear.

Jurassic Park 4

It’s over a decade since the last film, but the appetite for a fourth Jurassic Park film hasn’t dissipated. Steven Spielberg will produce again, rather than direct, and development work continues. Producer Kathleen Kenendy told us at the end of last year that it's going to need a great script to get the project moving, but efforts are being made to find one.

The Karate Kid 2

The reboot of The Karate Kid generated both a surprisingly decent film, and really good box office numbers. A sequel was mentioned very quickly afterwards, but it’s only recently that it appears to have gained much traction.

Both Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are set to return for The Karate Kid 2, with Harold Zwart expressing an interest in directing again. Zak Penn, whose most recent work has been on the impressive TV show Alphas, is penning the script.

Kick-Ass 2

Mystery continues to shroud Kick-Ass 2, a film that doesn’t appear, as of yet, to have a script or director attached. However, Mark Millar, the creator of the comic, gave an interview earlier in the year, where he said that Kick-Ass 2 would be shooting this summer.

If that’s the case, then it’s unlikely that Matthew Vaughn will be directing again, given his commitments to the X-Men franchise. We'd also suspect there might be a more formal announcement soon.

Kung Fu Panda 3

The success of the second Kung Fu Panda movie ensured a third, and the second film left things nicely poised for where, narratively, the next movie could go. DreamWorks boss has suggested that up to six movies in the series are planned, and so whilst Kung Fu Panda 3 hasn't been officially announced by the studio, we'd be amazed if it wasn't in cinemas in 2014, 2015 at the latest.

The second part of the list can be found here.