WildStar's Final Paths Detailed, Two New Paths Revealed

News Robert Bernstein
5/21/2013 at 11:37PM

WildStar dev details the two new paths...

The folks at Carbine Studios have released a new Devspeak video for WildStar.

We had a chance to speak with Lead Narrative Designer for Wildstar, Chad Moore, about the two new paths that have been revealed: Scientists and Settlers.

The general philosophy behind the Paths system is that the WildStar devs wanted to develop content that was specifically tailored to specific types of play styles. There are four paths: Soldiers, Explorers, Scientists, and Settlers. The Soldiers for those that like to fight and test new weapons and Explorer for those that get a thrill out of well, exploring. Check out the two new paths, below.

Scientists focus on delving deeper into the story of planet Nexus, such as the scientific anomalies like alien organisms. Scientists will get lots of extra lore to dig into. There's different types of scan missions that will allow you to use your follower robot

Settlers designed around social players and those that like to interact and help their friends. In practice, they're building things such as improvements and completely new settlements. Might build vendor out in the middle of a playspace or travel hub; things that make the play experience of your faction smoother and more enjoyable. You'll be rewarded for going out into the world and helping your faction.

“Picking a path at the beginning of the game is basically saying that I like this kind of gameplay; I want variations of that,” was a way that Chad described it.

You can't respec to change your path; it's a defining characteristic of who your character is.

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