Crysis 3, Review

Review Robert Bernstein
2/20/2013 at 1:42PM

If there is one game you should play in 2013 so far, it’s this one...

Release Date: 2/16/2013
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC (Reviewed)
Genre: Shooter

I have to admit that I was a little concerned when Crytek announced the required specs for Crysis 3 a couple months ago, but now I see why the specs were so requiring; Crysis 3 is the best looking game of our generation. Period. Crytek exemplifies what quality graphics should be, although it does make your gaming rig work for it. The PC version looks the best compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it is a marginal difference and probably not noticeable to the untrained eye. Even on the lowest settings, Crysis 3 is a graphical treat unlike any other. The game is incredibly fluid which provides for quick, uninterrupted animations without any hiccups or screen taring--an impressive feat for such detailed environments.

Character models are incredibly detailed, and are the most realistic characters I’ve seen in a video game. Seeing the sweat on Psycho’s face throughout the entire game is just an example of the detail Crytek has provided for the game.

Crytek has created a truly majestic gaming environment, with surprising verticality for a linear game. You’ll certainly find yourself looking up to take it all in a few times throughout the game. The scale of the re-imagined New York City of the future, overtaken by wildlife, is an achievement by Crytek.

Sound design is also incredible, and those that purchased the Deluxe Edition get a free copy of the soundtrack through Origin. This is a soundtrack built for the cinemas, with swells at all the right times and symphonic music comparable to Halo 4. The voice acting is some of the best I’ve heard in a video game. Ever. David Kennedy (The Fifth Element, Clash of the Titans) lends his voice as Psycho, the hardcore partner of Prophet, the main character, which is voiced by
James Vincent Meredith. Meredith does a phenomenal job portraying the concern in Prophet’s voice, as shown when Psycho announces himself to towers containing numerous turrets.

There’s a quality-defining moment when Psycho pats you on the shoulder, in an “alright, let’s go!” sort of way, that looks and sounds so realistic, you can almost feel it. As he hits your shoulder, your screen lightly shakes and the sound hits at just the right moment to help immerse you in the game. As far as quality character interactions go, this is one of the best examples that come to mind.

It’s not just bells and whistles with this title, though. Visual quality aside, Crysis 3 still is quite competitive with other FPS and stealth titles as far as gameplay is concerned. While you’ll more than not find yourself hunting stealthily in cloaked mode with your bow out, gameplay is varied enough to where it never gets boring. Now, you don’t have to utilize the cloak and bow, and can run and gun if that’s what you’re into. But, the stealth abilities of your nano suit are what makes the game more than just mildly enjoyable. Pulling back an arrow and shooting the enemy from across the map is a stimulating experience, to say the least. But, keep track of where you shoot your arrows, as you’ll have to go retrieve them if you want to continue to use your bow. Regardless of your preferred method, Crysis 3 is an open canvas for you to paint with your own style of tactical enemy slaying.

Another great thing about Crysis 3 is the difficulty options. For one, there are a breadth of options. Secondly, even the easier modes provide for a delightful challenge. I am what most consider to be a hardcore gamer, but even on the second lowest difficulty setting, I died three times.  It's good to have a challenge, so thank you to Crytek for not nerfing!

Multiplayer is a force to be reckoned with also. Believe it or not, it plays just as well as Call of Duty multiplayer, the only difference being that there aren’t as many upgrades, maps or modes. But the core mechanics are there, and it definitely adds an addicting aspect to the game, as you’ll enjoy using your bow against your unworthy foes.  While it's single player campaign is the bread and butter, multiplayer isn't too far behind.

The title is definitely an upgrade from Crysis 2. Pacing is incredible and creates a heart-pumping journey through a ruined NYC. The story in this one is gripping, and for the first time in the Crysis franchise, you’ll find yourself actually caring about what happens to Prophet and his nano-suit. The nano suit has all of the former abilities, plus adds the ability to hack turrets and locked doors. The controls have also been revamped, and are also among the most functional and un-interrupting. Instead of having to pull up a menu to set your load-outs, you can just hold a button to set your weapon attachments and options.

Although it is still early for 2013, I have no doubt that Crysis 3 will be a game of the year contender. Crytek has definitely given us a reason to dust off our nano-suit. The game's greatest asset is obviously its stunning visuals, but there's more to it than just eye candy.  Great sound, great voice acting, and fantastic gameplay create one of the best gaming experiences to date.  The all around quality is undeniable, and it is definitely worth your $59.99.

Story: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Replayability: 8/10

Multiplayer: 8/10