Arma III Gets Alpha Q1, Beta Q2, Release Q3

News Robert Bernstein
2/26/2013 at 11:04AM

Bohemia Interactive announces their plans for the upcoming PC-exclusive tactical military shooter, Arma 3...

Gamers will be able to play Arma 3 in its alpha form starting Tuesday, March 5th up until its beta begins, which is expected in the second quarter of this year.

The Alpha of Arma 3 will only allow players a limited amount of playable and sandbox content and will receive regular updates.  The Alpha will be four showcase misisons (Infantry, Vehicles, SCUBA and Helicopter), a limited set of weapons and vehicles, two multiplayer scenarios, a powerful scenario editor and modding support.  The island of Stratis will serve as the backdrop for the alpha.

To participate in the Alpha, gamers can purcahse the Arma 3 Alpha for $32.99 or Arma 3 Deluxe Edition for $49.99 on Steam.  Both versions will also include access to the Arma 3 Beta plus a digital copy of the complete game upon release.  The prices will increase once the Arma 3 Beta hits.  Gamers can also opt to help Bohemia Interactive by purchasing Arma 3 Supporter Edition for $91.99 from, which will include the digital deluxe edition, plus a steam gift of Arma X, all future Arma 3 DLCs, a special forums medal and the opprotunity to have their names featured in the game's credits.

Bohemia Interactive will also release a FREE limited version of the Alpha, named Arma 3 Alpha Lite.  The free alpha will come a week later on Thursday March 14th, but there will be no multiplayer and no modding support.  However, invites for the Alpha Lite are only available from other purchasers.  And, the Alpha Lite version will not allow access to the beta.

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