Star Trek, Transformers, and My Little Pony Arrive on Madefire

News Mike Cecchini
8/28/2013 at 1:22PM

The motion book pioneers have added some seriously recognizable properties to their lineup of already impressive original titles!

The announcement that IDW Publishing (and others) would be joining forces with Madefire to produce motion books based on such high-profile titles as Star TrekTransformers: Autocracy, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic came back around the San Diego Comic-Con. But since then, things have been quiet, as fans have awaited the official launch of the titles. While Madefire already has an impressive line of original titles that they produce (including Captain Stone is Missing and Mono), the additions of titles from other publishers is going to make the digital comic reading market much more competitive.
What is Madefire, you ask? Madefire is an app for iOS devices that provides an immersive comic reading experience. While most comic apps focus on individual panels (and are, for the most part telling stories which were designed for print books first), Madefire takes a more interactive (and in some cases 360 degree) approach to comics storytelling...with books that are built and designed specifically for reading on devices, without ever compromising the actual reading experience. In other words, for all the perks and the slick presentation, you READ Madefire comics, you don't WATCH them.
To that effect, Ben Wolstenholme, Madefire's CEO, had this to say: “The move to digital reading is about more than just scanning in print — we are at the start of a new grammar for books. We are pleased to welcome IDW’s comic book properties to help continue to evolve the medium of Motion Books.”
Head over to Madefire's page for more info! Don't have an iOS device? That's alright. You can also check out Madefire's entire line (including the new IDW titles) over at their DeviantArt page! In the meantime, you can get a preview of each of these titles (and a taste of what the Madefire experience is about) by checking out these links.

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