The Jack Kirby Museum Opens in NYC

News Mike Cecchini
11/5/2013 at 3:52PM

The Jack Kirby Museum has a temporary home on New York City's Lower East Side

The Jack Kirby Museum now has a temporary foothold (from November 4-10) just blocks from where where the legendary artist (who co-created Thor, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Captain America, and many, many more) was born on New York City's lower east side. Launched with an opening event the evening of November 4th, the Kirby Museum: Prototype Alpha (so named because it's the first attempt at, and a dry-fun for, a more long-term pop-up location in the near future) features biographical exhibits, full-size (and larger) reproductions of Kirby's finished art and pencils, lectures, and a gift shop full of reprints of Jack's best work and the scholarship that has surrounded it.

The museum, located at 178 Delancey St. (or Yancy Street, for any Fantastic Four fans out there), is open from 12-7, with a series of lectures taking place in the space between the hours of 7-9. More details about the museum, the events, and the ongoing campaign to open a more long-term Kirby Museum location can be found at

In the interest of full disclosure, readers should know that this writer isn't an impartial observer. I've been a volunteer for the Kirby Museum for the last several years, and if any Den Of Geek readers want to stop by before the temporary location shuts its doors on Sunday, November 10th, I'll be there helping out. I make no secret of the fact that I owe my passion for comics in no small part to the creations of Jack Kirby. As a child, Kirby's O.M.A.C. #1 was the first back-issue I bought based solely on the fact that it was written and drawn by a name I recognized. Knowing that this was the same artist who first gave life to characters like Captain America was enough for me, and I was quick to seek out more work by the man they called "The King of Comics." Come down and say hello!


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