Matt Fraction to Write Sign Language Hawkeye Issue

News Ethan Lewis Robert Bernstein
3/4/2013 at 12:17PM

Matt Fraction could very well be making hawkeye deaf again

More news from the weekend's Emerald City Comic-Con front, as we've learned that Matt Fraction will make issue #10 about Hawkeye going deaf again. Or something. 

Although there weren't many details given, Hawkeye #10 will show Pizza Dog solving a crime "Pizza Is My Business", Clint's brother Barney will move in, and the issue will be a sign language-focused issue.  The issue will also feature the man hired to kill Hawkeye, and possibly make Hawkeye deaf again.

Hawkeye originally became deaf after shoving a sonic arrowhead in his mouth to stop a sonic mind control device to save the day, completely destroying his hearing.  We're anxious to find out how Fraction makes Hawkeye go deaf for the second time.

What are your thoughts on Fraction making Hawkeye deaf again, only 10 issues into the series? Sound off below in the comments.

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