Oh My! George Takei Guest Starring in Dick Tracy!

News Mike Cecchini
1/20/2013 at 5:31PM

Yes, you read that right. Legendary Star Trek cast member and beloved internet icon, George Takei, is teaming up with the most famous cop in comics!

The latest storyline in the long-running Dick Tracy comic strip (currently stewarded by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis) deals with a seventy year old murder mystery that stretches all the way back to the Japanese internment camps from World War II. The story, which began with January 13th's strip, will run for approximately two months, will require Dick Tracy to seek assistance from characters based on George Takei and his husband, Brad. Takei stated on his Facebook page that he and Brad are "truly honored to be a part of it."

Dick Tracy is one of the longest-running comic strips in history, having run continuously since 1931. Created by Chester Gould, Dick Tracy is one of the fundamental icons of American comics, having been the subject of movie serials, feature films, television, animation, and countless items of merchandise. The fact that the strip is taking on an often glossed over and unpleasant piece of American history with the help of a married homosexual couple is certainly daring.

You can read the story (as well as loads of other great newspaper strips) on GoComics.Com.

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