Cyborg 009 Chapter 000 (Archaia) Review

Review Mike Cecchini
4/30/2013 at 10:33PM

You may not know Shotaro Ishinomori, but you definitely know his work! Archaia's Cyborg 009 is a terrific re-invention of his work!

While you have to wait until July to get the full Cyborg 009 graphic novel from Archaia, thee's no reason you can't check out this full-color preview chapter that hits shops on May 1st! Cyborg 009 may LOOK like classic manga, but this is an all-new take on a classic concept, brought to life by FJ DeSanto and Bradley Cramp with really sleek art by Marcus To. 

Cyborg 009 (that's pronounced "zero-zero-nine" not "double-oh-nine" by the least according to the characters in the book!) dates all the way back to 1964. Created by Shotaro Ishinomori (whose work includes the spiritual predecessors of Power RangersSuper Sentai and Kamen Rider) Cyborg 009 featured in decades of manga and plenty of anime to boot! Sound intimidating? It's not. What DeSanto, Camp, To and company have done is basically create an "Ultimate" version of Cyborg 009, one which distills all of the best elements from the characters' storied history into one accessible jumping on point for a new audience.

The story itself revolves around nine cyborgs from different walks of life, each with different abilities, held against there will by a mysterious organization that has profit and power on the brain. Of course they've got escape on their agenda, and when they do, they're bound to be pursued by all manner of assasins, robots, and assorted threats. This is archetypical stuff right here, made easy to understand by DeSanto and Camp's tight plotting, and an absolute joy to look at thanks to Marcus To's gorgeous art and Ian Herring's colors. If you're old enough to remember catching Robotech when it first aired on American TV, or the rarely seen "Vehicle Voltron" that aired infrequently, you might understand what a shock these lush, technological sci-fi concepts were like when compared to the typical cartoons we were being fed on a daily basis. They were a breath of fresh air, and that's what To and Herring's work feels like on Cyborg 009.

So it's only a teaser and there's about 80 pages of story you have to wait until about July for. So what? It's a BUCK, people...if that isn't enough to get you to try something new, I don't know what is. You're already gonna be at the comic shop on Wednesday, so throw this one on your stack. It's not every day you get introduced to an iconic concept with a publication history nearly as long as Spider-Man or the X-Men!

Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

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