Is Steven McQueen Playing Nightwing on Arrow?

News Mike Cecchini
11/12/2013 at 4:58PM

The Vampire Diaries star has been awfully chatty on Twitter about how he might be getting set to play a certain superhero.

Nightwing is a name that's been on everyone's lips lately, although it's mostly seemed to be in relation to that Batman vs. Superman movie. And with Nightwing casting rumored to be underway for that movie, it's easy to forget that there's a whole 'nother live-action DC Universe out there, and that's the one currently being built on Arrow. Recently, Vampire Diaries star Steven McQueen has been making a little noise on Twitter that has some superhero watchers talking.
Now, while this first tweet is kinda playful, and it's fun to note that he's included the Arrow writers, Greg Berlanti, and Nightwing comic writer, Kyle Higgins, it's the second one that is a little more intriguing.

Does it mean anything? Maybe not. But McQueen is clearly a fan, and even hit up Kyle Higgins with another tweet referencing the whole fiasco.
So, while this may just be a question of one CW star trying to get a plum role on another CW show, it's still to cool to just pass up. And with recent mentions of Ra's al Ghul and the appearance of Brother Blood on Arrow, it's clear that both Batman and the Teen Titans (two sets of mythologies that have an awful lot to do with Nightwing) exist in that version of the DCU, there may be something to this!
We tip our hoods to the folks at Green Arrow TV for bringing this to our attention!

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