Neil Gaiman Co-Writing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy #5

News Mike Cecchini
3/21/2013 at 11:29AM

Neil Gaiman and Brian Michael Bendis will team up for Guardians of the Galaxy #5, which features Gaiman's creation, Angela.

In what is certainly a combination of the strangest and most exciting comic story of the week, The New York Times reports that Neil Gaiman is returning to Marvel Comics for at least one issue with this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy #5, which he will co-write with Brian Michael Bendis, and which will feature his creation, long held up in legal troubles, Angela.

According to the Times story, Angela will appear at the conclusion of Bendis' Age of Ultron mini-series before moving on to the Gaiman co-written issue of Guardians of the Galaxy. If Marvel was looking to raise the Guardians' profile further in anticipation of their big screen debut in 2014, adding Neil Gaiman's name to the mix is certainly one way to do it!

More details on Angela's journey through the legal system and Gaiman's fight for creative control can be found at the New York Times.