Zack Snyder

Batman Vs Superman delayed to 2016

Simon Brew News
Jan 18, 2014

It's official: the Batman Vs Superman movie has been put back 10 months to summer 2016...

Can Batman Vs Superman answer Man Of Steel's critics?

James Thompson Feature
Jan 8, 2014

Could Man Of Steel's more controversial elements be satisfyingly paid off in Batman Vs Superman? It's certainly possible, James writes...

What we currently know about Batman Vs Superman

James Peaty Feature
Jan 3, 2014

With Batman Vs Superman still 18 months away, the film's details are only just beginning to come to light. James takes a closer look...

Batman Vs Superman: new writer, Joaquin Phoenix for villain?

Simon Brew News
Dec 19, 2013

The screenwriter of Argo is hired for Batman Vs Superman, and Joaquin Phoenix is apparenty earmarked to play the villain...

Batman: The Long Halloween – a comic that should be a movie

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 29, 2016

With Batfleck introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Rob reckons The Long Halloween should be the next Batman story filmed...

Jason Momoa signing up for Batman Vs Superman

Simon Brew News
Dec 10, 2013

The star of the Conan reboot, Jason Momoa, is on the radar for Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman project...

Batman Vs Superman casting latest

Simon Brew News
Dec 5, 2013

As Batman Vs Superman starts to feel more and more like a Justice League movie, one or two more rumours have sprung up...

Ben Affleck on Batman Vs Superman, Daredevil, fan reactions

Simon Brew News
Dec 4, 2013

Ben Affleck talks about his Daredevil regrets, and why he overcame his initial reluctance to take on the role of Batman...

Henry Cavill talks Man Of Steel

Glen Chapman News
Dec 4, 2013

Incumbent Superman Henry Cavill chats about the references in Man Of Steel, and the character he wants to see in a future film...

Kevin Smith on Ben Affleck's Batman costume

Glen Chapman News
Nov 12, 2013

Kevin Smith has seen the Batsuit Ben Affleck will wear in Batman Vs Superman, and has been sharing his thoughts...