Will Beall

Training Day: TV series pressing ahead

Rob Leane News
May 16, 2016

Justin Cornwell will star alongside Bill Paxton in CBS’ TV sequel to Antoine Fuqua’s Training Day…

Aquaman movie happening, two scripts being worked on

Simon Brew News
Aug 13, 2014

Jason Momoa may be getting an Aquaman movie, as Warner Bros gets two competing scripts going...

Chris Hemsworth linked with Lethal Weapon reboot

Simon Brew News
May 8, 2014

Warner Bros is looking to reboot Lethal Weapon, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly offered a lead role.

Is Zack Snyder set to direct Justice League?

Simon Brew News
Apr 23, 2013

With Man Of Steel incoming, might Zack Snyder jump over to DC's Justice League movie next?

Justice League movie back to the drawing board

Simon Brew News
Feb 8, 2013

It looks as if the Justice League film is back to square one, as the search begins for a new writer...

Justice League movie depends on Man Of Steel success

Justice League
Simon Brew News
Jan 29, 2013

Warner Bros might just be hedging its bets with Justice League, until the Man Of Steel numbers roll in...

Justice League movie being readied for 2015?

Simon Brew News
Oct 19, 2012

With the Superman rights sorted, Warner Bros looks like it's about to put Justice League against The Avengers 2...