Grimm's top Wesen: Gelumcaedus

Christine Horton Feature
Mar 7, 2014

These scary alligator-like wesen are another of our favourites from Grimm...

Grimm's top Wesen round-up

Christine Horton Feature
Mar 12, 2014

We reach the end of our Grimm Wesen profiles with a round-up of the different varieties, from canine to avian...

Grimm's top Wesen: Fuchsbau

Christine Horton Feature
Feb 26, 2014

They might look cute and cuddly, but these fox-like Wesen can't always be trusted...

Grimm's top Wesen: Cracher-Mortel

Christine Horton Feature
Feb 28, 2014

The next Wesen to go under our microscope is the voodoo-affiliated pufferfish wannabe, Cracher-Mortel

Grimm’s deadliest Wesen

Louisa Mellor Feature
Feb 14, 2014

From the Hund-Jager to the Mauvais Dentes, prepare to meet seven of the deadliest Wesen in the Grimm world…

Grimm's top Wesen: Hexenbiest

Christine Horton Feature
Feb 21, 2014

Next up on our countdown of Grimm's best Wesen, it's the wicked witch...

Grimm's top Wesen: Blutbad

Christine Horton Feature
Feb 19, 2014

The Grimm universe is filled with fairytale-inspired monsters galore. Here, we pick our favourite six...

Grimm’s most adorable Wesen

Louisa Mellor Feature
Feb 12, 2014

From beaver people to peace-loving turtles, we take a look at Grimm’s non-threatening Wesen species, aka the adorable ones…