Warner Bros

Pepe Le Pew movie in the works at Warner Bros

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 25, 2016

Looney Tunes skunk Pepe Le Pew is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros, with Chronicle writer Max Landis penning the script...

Warner Bros, and its disastrous movie summer of 1997

Simon Brew Feature
Jun 16, 2016

Warner Bros has struggled with its blockbusters of late. But back in summer 1997 - Batman & Robin's year - it faced not dissimilar problems.

The Flash: Rick Famuyiwa is its new director

David Crow News
Jun 3, 2016

The Flash movie with Ezra Miller has picked up Rick Famuyiwa of the Sundance darling Dope as its new director...

Warners brings in new heads of DC movies, after Batman V Superman

Simon Brew News
May 18, 2016

The fallout from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice sees Warner Bros bringing in Kevin Feige-esque figures to head DC movies.

11 DC Comics movies awaiting a greenlight

Mark Harrison Feature
May 16, 2016

From Justice League Dark and The Batman to Lobo and Man Of Steel 2 - the DC movies that await a greenlight...

Batman V Superman: is $860m now a box office flop?

Simon Brew Feature
May 4, 2016

Batman V Superman was expected to do Avengers-style numbers. But does the fact that it won't break a billion make it a modern-day flop?

Why fewer studio films needn’t be a bad thing

Simon Brew Feature
Apr 14, 2016

Warner Bros is set to be the latest studio to gamble on fewer blockbuster movies. But there's a big silver lining, Simon argues...

Speedy Gonzales animated movie in the works at Warner

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 5, 2016

Manic mouse from Mexico Speedy Gonzales might be about to get his own animated feature - an origin story and "heist caper"...

Shadow Of Mordor 2 outed by stunt actress

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 30, 2016

Evidence of a sequel to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor has emerged courtesy of a stunt actress's CV...

Batman Triumphant: examining the sequel that never happened

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 21, 2016

Joel Schumacher was attached to make Batman Triumphant after Batman & Robin. What went wrong? And what would the movie have been like?