Secret screenings, walkouts and 'anticipointment'

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 1, 2016

What happens when your surprise film isn't Star Wars or Deadpool? People simply get up and leave, it seems....

Movie stars, social media, and a shifting balance of power

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 29, 2016

Do the likes of The Rock, Vin Diesel and the Suicide Squad hold more clout than a movie marketing department now?

Letters: comments, DoGMRoD, Orphan Black and Edgar Wright

Den Of Geek Feature
Sep 18, 2015

Our letters page returns! This time around, it's comments, the return of Orphan Black, and a bit of Ant-Man...

James Gunn on Joss Whedon's Twitter departure

Simon Brew News
May 6, 2015

As Joss Whedon leaves Twitter, Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn has a few words to say on the matter...

Your bad movie choices for a first date

Den Of Geek Feature
Feb 10, 2014

Dinner and a movie is a classic first date combo, but be careful about the movie - it could doom your relationship before it even starts...

The Muppets Most Wanted gets an amusing TV spot

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jan 7, 2014

There's another TV spot for The Muppets Most Wanted lurking on the internet, and this one's really worth a watch...

The movies we were forced to watch at school

Simon Brew Feature
Jul 15, 2013

We asked you what bizarre film choices your teachers foisted on you. Er, there’s a wide selection...

Warren Ellis interview: RED, RED 2, Jonah Hex, Gravel, screenwriting and more

Michael Leader Interview
Feb 15, 2011

As RED arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, we caught up with the original comic book’s writer Warren Ellis about its big screen adaptation, Twitter, and much more...

The Ryan Lambie Column: The mystery of social networking

Mr Ryan Lambie's amazing joypad.
Ryan Lambie News
Jul 16, 2009

Ryan doesn't get on with Twitter or Facebook. Or Taito's Alpine Ski...