Robot Wars: glorious 4-minute trailer arrives

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12 Jul 2016 - 13:05

Page 1 of 2Robot Wars: glorious 4-minute trailer arrives

The BBC has given us our best look yet at the new Robot Wars, with a four-minute preview clip...

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The BBC has released a whopping four-minutes-long trailer to get us all hyped up for the new series of Robot Wars. Unfortunately, because this preview clip is hosted on iPlayer, it's not yet possible to embed it here. 

You need to click here to see the mammoth new Robot Wars trailer.

The BBC has also released this tantalising text about the show...

"Back in the days when the internet was a little baby, and we had to make our own entertainment… we all watched a programme called Robot Wars. Full of clever people who made robots in their garages that smashed each other up for fun. In the arena keeping order were a team of angry robots called the House Robots. They were there to keep the peace or if they felt like it, smash, bash and crash the competitors on a whim.

"But when the show finished, the House Robots went into retirement.

"Shunned by their public, they never lost sight of the dream.

"Over the years they have evolved, growing bigger, badder and much much more dangerous. Now they’re back and this time they’re really cross.

"The presenters have also been rebooted, the competitors are ready to fight, and the new series of Robot Wars is back.

"3, 2, 1, Activate."

Robot Wars start date

BBC Two are producing 6 hour-long episodes of Robot Wars to make up the new series. The exact air-date isn't yet known, but it's believed that the series will air before 2016's end.

More Robot Wars news as we hear it. For now, there's extra info on page 2...

Page 1 of 2Robot Wars: glorious 4-minute trailer arrives

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