Tony Scott

Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise back to play Maverick

Top Gun
Simon Brew News
Jun 27, 2015

Top Gun 2 will explore drone technology, and will see Tom Cruise back in one of his most famous roles...

Liam Neeson signs up for another action thriller

Simon Brew News
Mar 25, 2015

Run All Night didn't hit, Taken 3 did. So Liam Neeson is trying another action thriller: this time, it's Narco Sub...

New writer hired for Top Gun 2

Top Gun
Simon Brew News
Sep 9, 2014

Top Gun 2 gets a helping hand from the writer of the new live action The Jungle Book...

Top Gun 2 "getting closer and closer"

Top Gun
Simon Brew News
Mar 31, 2014

There's a story for Top Gun 2 in place. And Jerry Bruckheimer reveals that the project is making progress...

Doug Liman taking on Tony Scott action thriller?

Simon Brew News
Oct 9, 2013

Narco-Sub, once a project for the late Tony Scott, is heading for The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman it seems...

Tom Cruise still on board Top Gun 2?

Top Gun
Simon Brew News
Jun 10, 2013

Jerry Bruckheimer reveals that Top Gun 2 is still being worked on, and that Tom Cruise remains interested...

Looking back at Tony Scott's True Romance

Glen Chapman Feature
Jun 3, 2013

Director Tony Scott may have played with Tarantino's script, but True Romance is one of the great 90s thrillers, Glen writes...

Looking back at Tony Scott's The Last Boy Scout

Matt Edwards Feature
May 31, 2013

Our look back at the work of the late director Tony Scott continues with the 90s action flick, The Last Boy Scout...

Looking back at Tony Scott's Enemy Of The State

NP Horton Feature
May 30, 2013

A 90s hit for Will Smith and the late director Tony Scott, Enemy Of The State's still an entertaining ride, Nick writes...

Looking back at Tony Scott's The Hunger

Michael Leader Feature
May 29, 2013

Our tribute to the late Tony Scott begins, with a look back at his 1983 vampire feature, The Hunger...