Tom Clancy

Rainbow 6: Siege PlayStation 4 review

Aaron Birch Review
Dec 7, 2015

From the ashes of Patriots rises the latest instalment of original Tom Clancy gaming series, Rainbow 6...

Rainbow Six: Siege - no single-player campaign

Ryan Lambie News
Sep 28, 2015

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege will be multiplayer only with no single-player campaign, its art director has confirmed...

The Division: brand new trailer

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 13, 2016

Ubisoft's open-world shooter The Division has a brand new trailer. Feast your eyes within...

Revisiting Clear And Present Danger: the best Jack Ryan film

Simon Brew Feature
Mar 31, 2015

An intelligent, dense political thriller in the middle of summer? We visit Harrison Ford in Tom Clancy's Clear And Present Danger...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jan 21, 2014

Chris Pine takes on Tom Clancy's most famous hero in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Here's our review of Kenneth Branagh's espionage thriller...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - new character clip

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jan 8, 2014

A new clip for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit explores the nature of Chris Pine's rebooted character. Take a look within...

Tom Clancy: 1947-2013

Simon Brew News
Oct 2, 2013

Tom Clancy has died, at the age of 66.

Splinter Cell: The Movie presses ahead

Simon Brew News
Jun 15, 2012

The best-selling Tom Clancy’ Splinter Cell videogames are making the jump to the big screen…

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Aaron Birch Trailer
Feb 3, 2012

It’s time to go all Clancy again. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier demonstrates some single player goodness

Jack Ryan reboot: new writer, director confirmed

Simon Brew News
Feb 3, 2011

Chris Pine is set to play Jack Ryan in the upcoming reboot of the movie franchise. And some help is being brought on board to get the next film, Moscow, ready for the cameras…