Darksiders still lives

Aaron Birch News
May 13, 2014

The Darksiders series isn't dead, according to designer, Joe Madureira...

Evolve is the new shooter from Left 4 Dead creator

Aaron Birch News
Jan 8, 2014

A new IP is on the way from Left 4 Dead creator, Turtle Rock, and it's called Evolve...

Why Nintendo should stay in the console business

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 4, 2013

Although described as 'irrelevant' by Naughty dog founder Jason Rubin, Nintendo's hardware is a vital part of the industry, Ryan argues...

Nordic Games grabs Darksiders and other THQ assets

Aaron Birch News
Apr 23, 2013

THQ's remaining titles have been picked up by Painkiller publisher, Nordic Games...

Gearbox nets Homeworld rights

Aaron Birch News
Apr 23, 2013

Long-dormant Relic RTS, Homeworld, has been bagged by Gearbox software...

THQ cancels Guillermo del Toro’s horror game, Insane

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 7, 2012

There’s bad news for Guillermo del Toro’s horror videogame, Insane, as publisher THQ announces its cancellation...

More THQ news: Metro 2033 sequel, Devil's Third, Homefront 2 and more

Metro: Last Light
Aaron Birch News
Feb 3, 2012

THQ has confirmed some delays and updated release dates for future titles

THQ reports layoff and wage cuts

Aaron Birch News
Feb 2, 2012

There’s trouble at THQ, and recent announcements don’t bode well for the big name publisher

Red Faction Guerilla: see it in action

Simon Brew News
May 21, 2009

One of the summer’s most interesting looking games, Red Faction Guerilla, is nearly here. And it’s looking smart…