New Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy rumours debunked

Simon Brew News
Jun 6, 2016

Avengers: Infinity War isn't getting a new title (yet), and Thor won't be turning up in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2...

Thor: Mel Gibson turned down the Odin role

Nick Harley News
May 27, 2016

Mel Gibson reveals that he was once offered Anthony Hopkins' role in Marvel's Thor movies...

Thor: Ragnarok - prop picture teases Planet Hulk

Den Of Geek News
Jul 23, 2016

Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok movie will seemingly play tribute to the much-loved comic book run Planet Hulk...

The Avengers: behind the scenes pics from the original film

Simon Brew Pictures
May 11, 2016

Go behind the scenes of Joss Whedon's The Avengers, with pictures from the making of the first film...

God Of War 4 may take in Norse mythology

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 5, 2016

Leaded details for God Of War 4 suggest that Greek myth is out and Norse lore is in...

Thor: Ragnarok - what should we expect?

Rob Leane Feature
Nov 11, 2015

Marvel’s next Asgardian-tinged movie will be Thor: Ragnarok. Here’s everything we know so far…

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - the clues in its deleted scenes

Dan Cooper Feature
Oct 23, 2015

What do the deleted scenes from Age Of Ultron tell us about Joss Whedon’s original vision - and are there hints as to the MCU’s future?

Marvel Studios' mystery movies: what could they be?

Rob Leane Feature
Oct 12, 2015

Marvel Studios has announced three movies without titles for 2020. We did some digging to predict what they might be…

Why Loki was cut from Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Ryan Lambie News
Oct 6, 2015

Loki once had a cameo role in Avengers: Age Of Ulton. Tom Hiddleston explains why it didn’t make the cut...

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - see Thor's deleted scene here

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Previously unseen footage from Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron gives Chris Hemsworth's Thor a little more to do...