The Rocketeer

Rocketeer reboot in the works at Disney

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 28, 2016

Much-loved 90s action adventure Rocketeer is getting the reboot treatment at Disney, a report suggests...

Top 25 underappreciated comic book movies

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Jan 30, 2014

Comic book movies are solid blockbuster fare now, but there are plenty of adaptations that didn't get the love they deserved...

Joe Johnston set to direct an alien invasion movie

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 8, 2014

Veteran director of The Rocketeer and Captain America is about to direct the alien invasion film Extinction, reports suggest...

The top 25 underappreciated films of 1991

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Sep 26, 2013

The year 1991 is the focus for our latest underappreciated films list, which includes dramas, thrillers, and a smattering of horror...

Is Disney planning a Rocketeer reboot?

Simon Brew News
Aug 22, 2012

A new take on The Rocketeer is rumoured to have found its way onto Disney's slate...

In praise of Terry O’Quinn

Ryan Lambie News
Feb 28, 2012

Perhaps best known as John Locke in the hit series Lost, we salute the sterling work of actor Terry O’Quinn...

Music in the movies: James Horner

Glen Chapman News
Aug 10, 2010

Recognised as one of Hollywood’s finest composers, we look back over James Horner’s finest early work, from Star Trek II to Field Of Dreams...