The Fault In Our Stars

25 young adult novels heading to the movies

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 14, 2015

Wondering what you’ll watch when The Hunger Games franchise is over? We’ve got some ideas…

Paper Towns: new trailer for John Green adaptation

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 3, 2015

John Green's The Fault In Our Stars hit big went it made it to the movies last year. Will Paper Towns repeat the trick?

X-Men: new spin-off, The New Mutants, confirmed

The X-men logo
Simon Brew News
May 14, 2015

Josh Boone, who helmed The Fault In Our Stars, is to direct a brand new X-Men spin-off movie...

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver casts Ansel Elgort as lead

Simon Brew News
Apr 1, 2015

Ansel Elgort will definitely be headlining Edgar Wright's new movie, Baby Driver...

Matthew McConaughey set to join The Stand

Simon Brew News
Nov 26, 2014

The big budget movie take on Stephen King's The Stand might just have Matthew McConaughey on board...

Stephen King's The Stand to be split across four movies

Simon Brew News
Nov 21, 2014

Josh Boone's adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand is set to span four films...

Railing against the international release date conspiracy

James Clayton Feature
Sep 26, 2014

Will we ever get Snowpiercer in a UK cinema? James ponders the international release date conspiracy...

The Fault In Our Stars director for Lestat movie

Simon Brew News
Aug 19, 2014

Universal's first Lestat movie, based on Anne Rice's books, is set to be steered by The Fault In Our Stars' Josh Boone...

Shailene Woodley on being cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Simon Brew News
Jun 11, 2014

Shailene Woodley chats about learning she's been cut out of director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

The Fault In Our Stars review

Patrick Sproull Review
Jun 7, 2014

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort bring John Green's star-crossed lovers to life in this affecting adaptation