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The Vampire Diaries: to end after season 8

Tony Sokol Feature
Jul 25, 2016

It's confirmed, The CW will put the stake in The Vampire Diaries after season 8...

Legends Of Tomorrow season 2: first trailer, villains confirmed

Rob Leane News
Jul 25, 2016

The Waverider crew will battle a big team of villains in Legends Of Tomorrow season 2, which also now has a trailer...

The Flash season 2: unpacking the mysteries of the finale

Rob Leane Feature
May 27, 2016

Have you been left bamboozled by The Flash’s season 2 finale? Let us try and help with that. Spoilers...

Legends Of Tomorrow episode 16 review: Legendary

Rob Leane Review
May 20, 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow’s season 1 finale delivers a time-jumping face-off with Vandal Savage, and a big tease of things to come...

Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow crossover coming this year

Rob Leane News
May 20, 2016

Now that The CW has picked up Supergirl, the network is plotting a huge four-way superhero crossover...

Arrow season 5: Kevin Smith wants to write two episodes

Kevin Smith
Rob Leane News
May 16, 2016

After directing a great episode of The Flash season 2, Kevin Smith wants to stick with The CW by writing for Arrow...

The Flash season 2 episode 21 review: The Runaway Dinosaur

Caroline Preece Review
May 12, 2016

Kevin Smith's episode of The Flash season 2 packed plenty of surprises, as well as being very good....

Arrow season 4 episode 21 review: Monument Point

Kayti Burt Review
May 14, 2016

Arrow delivers an action-packed, high-stakes hour by balancing Smoak family drama with the possible apocalypse...

Arrow season 4 episode 20 review: Genesis

Caroline Preece Review
May 9, 2016

In Genesis, Arrow struggles to marry its more serious elements with the fantastical universe it helped create...

Legends Of Tomorrow episode 14 review: River Of Time

Rob Leane News
May 6, 2016

Vandal Savage does his best captive-Loki-on-the-Helicarrier impression in this week’s Legends Of Tomorrow...