The Crazies

The top 25 underappreciated films of 2010

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List
Feb 27, 2014

Our series of lists devoted to underappreciated films brings us to the year 2010, and another 25 overlooked gems...

Is the big-budget Hollywood remake in trouble?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 25, 2012

Will a mixture of audience apathy and low attendance kill off Hollywood’s love of big-budget remakes? Ryan takes a closer look...

Music in the movies: Mark Isham

Glen Chapman News
Apr 19, 2011

In this week's Music In The Movies, Glen looks at the work of versatile composer, Mark Isham, whose music has graced films such as The Mechanic, Timecop and Blade...

Top 10 greatest Timothy Olyphant films

Duncan Bowles Top 10
Feb 21, 2011

We salute one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated actors, and pick out ten of Timothy Olyphant’s finest movies...

Breck Eisner interview: The Crazies, Flash Gordon and Escape From New York

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jul 14, 2010

Director Breck Eisner discusses The Crazies, and his forthcoming Flash Gordon and Escape From New York...

Weekend US box office report: Shutter Island tops Kevin Smith's best opening ever

Ron Hogan News
Mar 1, 2010

Shutter Island holds off Cop Out and The Crazies in a solid weekend at the US box office...

The Crazies review

Ron Hogan Review
Mar 1, 2010

Breck Eisner delivers a really very good remake of George A Romero's The Crazies. Ron explains just why it works so well...

Breck Eisner interview: The Crazies, George A Romero, Flash Gordon and more…

Simon Brew Interview
Feb 25, 2010

The director behind the remake of The Crazies, Mr Breck Eisner, talks to us about the film, about George A Romero, and his upcoming Flash Gordon 3D...

The Crazies: video clip, plus how to turn your friends into mad people

John Locke News
Feb 24, 2010

The remake of The Crazies arrives in cinemas at the end of the week — and you can turn your friends into zombies to celebrate…

Brand new trailer for The Crazies

The Crazies
Simon Brew Trailer
Jan 13, 2010

A horror remake that’s shaping up well? Catch the latest trailer for The Crazies here…