The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne saga: ranking the movies in order of quality

Duncan Bowles Feature
Jul 24, 2015

From The Bourne Identity through to The Bourne Legacy, we revisit the Bourne series, and rank the films...

Matt Damon reiterates his Jason Bourne position

Jason Bourne is coming back...
Simon Brew News
May 6, 2014

Matt Damon confirms he'd be interested in a return to the Bourne films - providing two conditions are met...

New Bourne movie in the works

Glen Chapman News
Aug 5, 2013

Universal has hired a screenwriter to work on the next instalment of the Bourne franchise...

Matt Damon offers an update on a return to Bourne

The Bourne Ultimatum. Has summer 2007 saved the best for pretty much last?
Glen Chapman News
Jan 4, 2013

Not a million miles away from his previous comments but he certainly seems more open to a return.

Matt Damon says Bourne return is unlikely

Jason Bourne is coming back...
Glen Chapman News
Oct 12, 2012

Having teased that he would be open to it a while back, Matt Damon seems to have distanced himself from a possible return to Bourne

The Bourne Legacy review

Ryan Lambie Review
Aug 9, 2012

Jeremy Renner takes over from Matt Damon in the fourth film in the Bourne franchise. Here’s our review of The Bourne Legacy...

The James Clayton Column: Jeremy Renner, Mr Everything

James Clayton Feature

As Jeremy Renner prepares to fill Matt Damon’s empty shoes in The Bourne Legacy, James salutes the actor’s irresistible rise at the multiplex…

Bourne sequels to follow Jeremy Renner

Simon Brew News
Jul 23, 2012

The future of the Bourne franchises lies with Jeremy Renner primarily, it's been confirmed...

Two new posters for The Bourne Legacy

Simon Brew Poster
Jul 19, 2012

Jeremy Renner steps into Matt Damon’s world, as a pair of new posters for The Bourne Legacy pop up…

New international poster for The Bourne Legacy

Simon Brew Poster
Jul 6, 2012

Jeremy Renner, a bit of PhotoShop, and the promise of Bourne 4. Here's the new The Bourne Legacy poster...