The Big Bang

Matt Smith on Doctor Who: "the best storytelling was in series 5"

Simon Brew News
Apr 16, 2014

Matt Smith has been looking back at his Doctor Who years, and has picked his favourite series from his run...

Doctor Who: the mystery of series 5's exploding TARDIS

Nick Horton Feature
Apr 30, 2013

Nick ponders the unanswered questions that arose from Doctor Who's series 5 finale: what caused the TARDIS to explode, and why?

Doctor Who: you know, not for kids…

Louisa Mellor News
Aug 2, 2010

The Doctor Who season five finale, The Big Bang, was filled with themes of loss and revival, and was definitely not for kids, as Louisa explains…

Explaining Doctor Who: The Big Bang

LordJuss News
Jul 5, 2010

Are you still puzzled by elements of the Doctor Who series 5 finale, The Big Bang? Then this might be the explanation you're waiting for...

Just over 5m viewers tune in for Doctor Who finale

Simon Brew News
Jun 29, 2010

The first ratings for Doctor Who: The Big Bang are in. So how much should we read into them?

The questions that Doctor Who series 5 left behind

Simon Brew News
Jun 28, 2010

In the aftermath of The Big Bang, we take a look at some of the story threads that Steven Moffat has left in place for Doctor Who series 6…

Doctor Who series 5 episode 13 finale review: The Big Bang

Simon Brew Review
Jun 26, 2010

Spoilers lie ahead! It's our review of the Doctor Who finale, The Big Bang. Is your head hurting too?

First clip from Doctor Who: The Big Bang

Simon Brew News
Jun 23, 2010

The Doctor Who series 5 finale, The Big Bang, screens this coming Saturday. And here’s a clip from it to whet your appetite…

Doctor Who: The Big Bang trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 23, 2010

The Pandorica opened, and that proved to be just the start of the problems in Doctor Who. Here’s the trailer for The Big Bang…

Trying to answer the questions raised by Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens

Simon Brew News
Jun 21, 2010

Is your head still hurting after The Pandorica Opens? We try and puzzle it out, along with some of the clues for the Doctor Who finale, The Big Bang...