The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: new details on how it would have panned out

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 22, 2016

Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield’s third Spider-Man film will now never see the light of day. But what would it have been like?

Andrew Garfield on Amazing Spider-Man 3, Marvel wishes

Simon Brew News
Sep 1, 2015

Andrew Garfield was keen to see Spider-Man be part of Marvel's cinematic universe - and had been arguing the case for some time...

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: what would have happened?

Simon Brew News
Jul 14, 2015

Both Denis Leary and director Marc Webb offers hints as to the abandoned The Amazing Spider-Man 3...

Might The Amazing Spider-Man 3 be back on?

Simon Brew News
Jan 5, 2015

A new casting call suggests that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is back on - possibly before Sinister Six happens...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: James Horner on why he didn't return

Simon Brew News
Dec 8, 2014

Composer James Horner argues of The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb that Sony "didn't want his input"...

69 upcoming comic book movies, and when to expect them

Rob Leane Simon Brew Odd List
Aug 9, 2016

Fox's Mouse Guard movie joins our 70-strong list of upcoming comic book movies...

Rumour: Sony toying with female Spider-Man character team up movie

Simon Brew News
Oct 31, 2014

DC has played its cards. Marvel has played its cards. So what's Sony up to with its Spider-Man movie universe?

Rumour: Sony rebooting Spider-Man, changing universe plans

Simon Brew News
Oct 8, 2014

A new report suggests Sony is rebooting Spider-Man, delaying Sinister Six and talking to Marvel about Spidey joining The Avengers. Crikey.

Andrew Garfield teases the Sinister Six movie

Simon Brew News
Sep 10, 2014

Remaining coy about his involvement, Andrew Garfield has been chatting about the Sinister Six movie...

What lies ahead for the Spider-Man franchise?

Seb Patrick Feature
Aug 22, 2014

Sony clearly has big plans for its Spider-Man franchise, but how will it pan out? Seb looks at what we know, what might happen, and more...